10 Mysterious Sights of Kyiv where Time Stopped

This year a cybersecurity forum HackIt is held in the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv. The city has over 200 awesome places to visit. However, we’ve chosen 10 sites that the mystery lovers will definitely appreciate. From a cemetery of tanks to the Chornobyl Museum — the haunted and enigmatic sites of Kyiv.

1. The Chornobyl Museum


The National “Chornobyl” Museum is a multifunctional historical and cultural institution combining scientific, cultural, and educational activities with the facilities of a modern museum, including archiving, preserving, and publishing the history of the nuclear accident at the Chornobyl nuclear power plant. The events at Chernobyl constitute the most severe radioecological catastrophe of the 20th century, the consequences of which are unparalleled and differ from other known natural and man-made disasters.

How to get there: Khoryv Lane, 1. Metro station Kontraktova Plosha.

2. Pinchuk Art Centre


PinchukArtCentre is a modern art gallery where you can escape from the daily routine and plunge into the world of art. It has the new expositions with postmodern paintings, installations, and art performances every season. Each of the six floors has a guide who will tell the story behind the work.

How to get there: Velyka Vasyl’k’ikvs’ka, 1. Metro station Khreschatyk.

3. The Starladder


Kyiv Cybersport Arena is a legendary computer internet club where world-class events are held. The place is 1,500 square meters which makes it the largest in Ukraine. The main hall hosts LAN-tournaments with multiple computers for team fights. There is also a bar, a recreation area with WI-FI, and a shop for gamers.

How to get there: Vadim Hetman street, 13. Metro Station Shuliavskaya.

4. The Cemetery of Tanks


In Darnitskiy district, on Rembaza there is an entire army of rusty military equipment. There are many different models of tanks and other military equipment. It looks like a battlefield after the battle, where the iron warriors froze.

How to get there: Boryspilska Street, 34A. Metro station Chervonyi Khutir

5. A Panoramic View in the Park of Eternal Glory


In this park, you can see the Holodomor Museum and the monument honoring the Unknown Soldier or just stroll through its beautiful territory with a magnificent view on the Dnieper and the left bank of Kiev.

There is a powerful binocular with the help of which you can look at the left bank of the city at any time of the day or night. In addition, the park is surrounded by well-known sights: the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, the monument to Leonid Bykov, and the Askold’s Park grave.

How to get there: Lavrska, 15. Metro station Arsenalna.

6. Cemetery of Cranes


The official name sounds like “The material base of control of tower cranes”, where backup hardware is taken for construction. But it is definitely clear that in such a rusty state these giants are no longer needed. The place itself is very unusual and colorful. If you suddenly want an adventure far from the city noise, visit this silent place; you will surely get beautiful industrial photos! When visiting this area you should adhere to basic safety guidelines: do not go there alone, do not climb on the metal structures.

How to get there: Industrial street. Metro station Vidubichi, go along rails.

7. The Abandoned Chemical Plant


There is another excellent place to visit that will get your adrenaline going. The factory, which was in full operation around the 1970s, is now in desolation; a place where chaos and devastation have settled. It’s chilling in the huge abandoned rooms with the crumbling old walls; scattered bottles from chemical reagents litter the facility. The dead clock represents a stopping time that will never come back.

How to get there: Budindustrii, 9. Metro station Vydubychi.

8. The Museum of One Street with Local Handicrafts


The creators of the Museum of One Street have been trying to uncover the secrets of Andrew’s Descent for many years. Small in size, but deep in its content, the museum is one of the most popular tourist places in Kyiv. The rich exposition is filled with historical documents, manuscripts, autographs, old postcards, photographs, and many quaint household objects from history. Exploring the museum, visitors are immersed in the nostalgic atmosphere of history, as if traveling through a time machine.

How to get there: Andriyivs’kyi uzviz, 2-B. Metro Station Kontraktova Plosha.

9. The Museum of Miniatures


The miniature museum created by artist Nikolai Syadristy is located in the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra area. The collection of the museum presents the work of only one artist. Nikolai Syadristy’s creative works are hand-made; he uses a special technique for each work. In the Museum of Miniatures in Kyiv, you can see the unique creations that amaze with the creator’s talent, the accuracy of performance and, of course, size.

How to get there: Lavrska 9, app. 5. Metro Station Dnipro.

10. The Sculpture Alley (Peizazhna Alley)


A landscape alley in the center of the city, hidden away from the noisy Kyiv streets. This place offers insights into childhood with its fairytales and fantastic creatures. The area features sculptures with a mosaic, benches in the form of a hare, a cat, and a bird, a children’s hill in the style of Alice in Wonderland, and fountains in the form of elephants and zebras. But the favorite part of this place is taking a photo in the mouth of a centipede-cat — 30 long meters. Pay attention to the artfully made eyes; the cat is alive.

How to get there: Peizazhna Alley. Metro Station Zoloti Vorota

Kiev is not just a capital, but a beautiful metropolis with a lot of historical, mysterious and beautiful places. Places that can captivate, entertain and help replenish your knowledge. That’s why there is no coincidence that HackIT will take place in the magical City above the Dnieper.

We hope that you will enjoy our conference and the capital of Ukraine Kyiv — a great city with a deep history.

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