1ART Farming Important Announcement

2 min readNov 22, 2021


Hacken Foundation team has recently introduced changes to the ecosystem farming model to make this feature a more beneficial investment instrument for Hacken Foundation projects’ communities (HAPI, disBalancer, PureFi, and ArtWallet) as well as HAI holders.

The previous farming mechanism has been changed through the introduction of a DeFi liquidity element to balance HAI and Hacken Foundation projects’ tokens demand/supply structure. Under the new mechanism, there are 2 types of farming including HAI Farming and HAI LP Farming.

The new model will add a new liquidity utility to HAI token thereby making it a more attractive investment instrument for the Hacken investors, in particular, and the global crypto community, in general.

For more details regarding the updated farming, please refer to this article.

1ART farming will become active again on 23 November 2021, 4 pm UTC.

You can already Stake HAI tokens for 1ART farming in the HackenAI application.

Claiming will be available on the BSC network through the Hacken Foundation website right after the farming is active.

The LP token farming will become available from 1 December 2021.

These changes are aimed at allowing our community members to earn more profits by supplying additional liquidity and supporting the Hacken Foundation projects.

About Hacken Foundation

Hacken Foundation is the startup accelerator platform that gives a boost to innovative projects developing promising cybersecurity solutions for individual and corporate clients. 4 projects have been already launched with the Hacken Foundation platform:

  • HAPI: on-chain cybersecurity protocol preventing both centralized and decentralized exchanges from being involved in money laundering practices.
  • disBalancer: innovative solution with a network architecture aimed at making businesses resistant to DDoS attacks by utilizing the free computing power and bandwidth of users’ devices.
  • PureFi: the one-stop compliance protocol that will serve the needs of the DeFi market players by functioning as a full-cycle solution for crypto asset analytics and AML/KYC procedures.
  • ArtWallet: Smart&Secure NFT App for Artists, the 21st-century version of iTunes and Spotify via NFTs. ArtWallet is solving the real challenges existing in the market including security threats, privacy and integration issues, and environmental impact of NFTs.

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