Hacken Foundation has already launched a number of innovative projects including HAPI, disBalancer, and PureFi. During the pre-launch phase, our specialists perform the colossal scope of work to determine industry needs, realize users’ expectations, prepare relevant marketing materials, and develop the mechanism of work for future projects. However, even after a project launch, our team keeps on monitoring the changes in industry patterns and in this material we would like to share our reflection on the current state of affairs in the crypto industry. We have drawn important lessons serving as the basis of the idea behind our new project.

We are pleased to announce that the HAI Round for the PureFi project is closed. The total amount of HAI raised is 26,209,523 HAI (without boosters). That means that the PureFi project has drawn your active attention!

In this material, we would like to share with all participants the results of this HAI Round and the next steps.

220 community members participated in the HAI Round for PureFi:

  • 116 — Level 2 Hacken Club Members with 1,2x boosters
  • 104 — Level 3 Hacken Club Members with 2x boosters

We are also glad to state that during the PureFi campaign 80

The Hacken team keeps on developing interactive challenges for our community. We realize that the crypto sphere is not only about money and transactions but also about the value of the new level of communication between a project and its users. This time, we have prepared an interesting quest for you by solving which you can earn 5,000 $HAI. The Hacken team does not only offer you the opportunities to earn money but also prioritizes ensuring your moral satisfaction from being with us.

This quest is not from the category easy-to-solve but we are sure you will enjoy working on…

Hacken Foundation keeps on introducing ToxicList to the industry.

We are so proud to announce that the project’s website is now ready to accept your reports on flippers. ToxicList is the result of hard work performed by security enthusiasts for whom users’ confidence matters. We strongly invite you to test the functionality of the project’s website and make the industry free of flippers.

The voice of every ethical crypto investor matters. Unethical investors like flippers try to destroy all the positive things that the crypto enthusiasts like Hacken have been developing for the last few years. We must not give…

Hacken has some great news for our loyal HAI holders. You can participate in the exclusive HAI Round for PureFi, the new DeFi project that has been recently launched within Hacken Foundation, and get $UFI tokens. The HAI Round for $UFI is starting on 13 July and will last for 14 days.

The Value PureFi Brings to the Industry

PureFi is the only DeFi compliance protocol for cryptocurrency onboarding. Developed in partnership with Hacken and AMLBot, it aims to provide a full-cycle solution for crypto asset analytics and AML/KYC procedures on the DeFi market. …

Hacken team would like to share the amazing results of the HAI Airdrop campaign on CoinMarketCap. The main goal of this campaign has been the popularization of the application developed by our specialists — hVPN, the easy to use functional VPN service for crypto enthusiasts and common users trusted by white hat hackers. We can say for sure that this airdrop has been highly awaited by the global crypto community.

Hacken Foundation is ready to share the highly expected news. Our community members and industry specialists have repeatedly asked us about the launch of the next cybersecurity project. And based on the thorough industry analysis and your feedback, we have developed the following idea — ToxicList.

ToxicList is the next-generation community-driven project. It will address the common issue affecting most projects in the crypto sphere — large investors unexpectedly exiting their positions and, thereby, causing sharp drop in coins’ prices. ToxicList will protect emerging projects and the assets of their ethical investors from fraudulent investors who exit their positions soon…

Hacken team has prepared a very important update for investors interested in trading Hacken Token (HAI). From 5 July, HAI will be traded on KuCoin exchange not only in pair with USDT but also in pair with the biggest coin by market capitalization — BTC.


5 July, 8:00 (UTC) — the official start of HAI/BTC trading on KuCoin.

This great update is the result of the hard work performed by our team to make HAI a more functional investment option for the global crypto family. It is also the confirmation of our movement in the right direction since reputable market…

We were so pleased to host the AMA session with the Hacken Foundation CEO in Hacken’s Telegram Group. During the AMA, Dyma shared updates regarding the current status of projects functioning within the Hacken Foundation ecosystem.

For those who missed the AMA, you can check out the recap of all questions answered during the session to make sure you know what is going on in Hacken.

Remark: All questions were formulated by Hacken’s community and posted on Twitter before the AMA. The Hacken core team has gathered all of them and delivered them to Dyma during the AMA session.


Hacken team keeps on offering great opportunities to crypto enthusiasts and people interested in discovering innovative cybersecurity products. We have recently released the desktop version of our hVPN application, trusted by white hat hackers service that protects you online. And now we are looking forward to popularizing our VPN service in the global crypto community so that to allow a larger number of people to carry out transactions in crypto more securely.

That is why, together with CoinMarketCap, one of the biggest data aggregators in the world of crypto, we have prepared a special Hacken Token (HAI) airdrop campaign to…

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