The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile and, thus, investors face increased risks when trying to make profits. Trading automation may allow you to benefit from the market volatility 24/7 by maximizing the returns your trading strategies bring. Sounds quite attractive, doesn’t it? But it is now a reality.

Bitsgap, the leading all-in-one trading platform, offers exciting tournament and new opportunities for our members. You can test trading and managing cryptocurrencies on various exchanges in a single interface for free. In turn, Hacken will award the most active traders with a special prize — Free Advanced monthly plan.

So, why not…

Trading automation continues changing the status quo in the industry and Hacken keeps on offering our community the opportunities to benefit from this emerging trend. We are pleased to announce the start of cooperation with Hummingbot.

The members of the Hacken community can participate in the HAI liquidity mining campaign organized on Hummingbot, the community-driven open source project democratizing algorithmic trading, to win special awards. The total prizing pool of 15,000 USDT will be distributed among traders placing maker orders on the KuCoin exchange.

HAI is the relatively new trading instrument in the industry and that is why it is…

Hacken Token has recently become available to traders on the KuCoin exchange. And now traders can enjoy additional functionality in HAI/USDT pair by using KuCoin Trading Bot to make passive income.

How to Get Started in 3 Clicks?

  1. Download the KuCoin App and click on the “Trading Bot” icon;
  2. Click on “Classic Grid” and choose whether to customize or accept the AI parameters. When accepting AI parameters, you just need to enter the investment amount. When setting customized parameters, please make sure that you have considered historical trends when predicting the maximum and minimum prices.
  3. View all details regarding your grid trading by clicking “Trading Bot” and…

We have recently published our strategic vision for the spring period. It is not a declarative document, it is a real plan we are going to accomplish within the next 6 weeks.

And today we are proud to announce that the second strategic goal has been achieved. HAI will be listed on KuCoin Exchange that, according to CoinMarketCap score, ranks 5th in the list of global cryptocurrency spot exchanges.

Trading Start: 22 April 2021 at 10 am UTC

Trading Pair: HAI/USDT

We always deliver on the promises given to our community. …

New great opportunities for HAI trading are open for you!, the leading crypto exchange with a global presence, has added the margin trading feature for users investing in HAI/USDT pair. The margin trading leverage will equal 3x. Thus, when investing in this pair, traders will be able to use borrowed resources, the amount of which will be twice the amount of their own assets.

The margin trading feature makes HAI a more attractive and functional crypto investment instrument. Users will be able to make more profits while getting the possibility to effectively diversify their portfolio. However, before testing the…

We are excited to announce that farmed HAPI & DDOS are now available for claiming! Please see the guide on how to claim tokens:

  1. Visit (Supported browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and Edge)
  2. Click on {CLAIM HAPI} or {CLAIM DDOS}
  3. Connect MetaMask (How to create a similar address on the Ethereum Network)
  4. Now you can see how many HAPI or DDOS tokens you have already farmed (automatically updated every 10 seconds)
  5. Click {SYNC} to set the amount you want to claim (ETH transaction fee will be applied)
  6. Click {CLAIM} to withdraw HAPI or DDOS tokens to your wallet (ETH…

We are pleased to announce the start of HAPI & DDOS farming and would like to provide the oversubscribed HAI distribution details.

DDOS Oversubscription Details

We are glad to inform you that the total amount raised during the DDOS HAI round was 46,460,795.46 HAI.

  • 133 — Level 1 Members with 5% booster
  • 188 — Level 2 Members with 20% booster
  • 164 — Level 3 Members with 100% booster

The total allocation including Hacken Club Boosters is 79,291,144.92 HAI tokens (79x oversubscription).

The first unlock of 5% of the total DDOS allocation is available for claiming. …

We are pleased to announce that the HAI round of DDOS sale will close in 24 hours.

To bring clarity to all DDOS HAI round participants and avoid any misunderstanding, we would like to announce the token distribution plan and the recalculated DDOS/HAI price.

We are excited to announce the long-awaited farming for HAPI as well as DDOS tokens in the HackenAI App. You will be able to farm both tokens starting from April 16, right after the disBalancer IDO.

What is Farming and how does it work?

Farming allows you to make more crypto with your HAI tokens. The farming option will be valid for 3 years for each project launched within the Hacken Foundation. Farming gives additional utility to HAI tokens as well as promotes the Hacken Ecosystem growth and development of new products for the community.

You can start Farming new tokens by staking your HAI on the farming…

A new listing has come! HAI token will be listed on the cryptocurrency exchange MXC.

According to CoinGecko, MXC’s trust score equals 7 out of 10 that makes this cryptocurrency exchange reliable for users. Listing on MXC may be viewed as a bridge to entering the other top exchanges. The new listing demonstrates the sustainability of Hacken’s focus on business growth and will allow the company to attract additional financial resources to further develop its ecosystem.

  • HAI deposit & withdrawal will become available from 1 April 15:00 (UTC+8).
  • Investors will be able to trade HAI in the pair HAI/USDT from…

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