Industry specialists as well as common users associate the year 2021 with the DeFi boom. New projects enter the market every day and the pace of changes is skyrocketing. However, do all these projects provide real value to end-users? Do these projects have applicable solutions behind their cool presentations? Of course, the community always puts these questions and looks forward to getting detailed responses. That is why the PureFi team has provided the use case written in understandable language to show you how the PureFi protocol protects common users from being involved in malicious financial activities.

So, read and get…

After a successful launch of the Hacken bridge to Ethereum last year, we are excited to announce our next step in becoming a cross-chain project — the launch of the bridge to the Binance Smart Chain.

What are blockchain bridges?

Blockchain bridges are connections used to transfer tokens between different blockchain protocols while allowing for interoperability between different blockchain networks such as Ethereum, Vechain, and Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Why do we need bridges?

In the future, cross-chain interoperability will be an indispensable characteristic of DeFi and crypto tokens. We do not want to restrict our community from trading on popular DEXs such as Uniswap and Pancakeswap. …

We are glad to share a very important update with our community. The end of Spring has brought one more reason for us to be proud of the work performed within the green 3 months. The desktop version of our hVPN application for macOS and Windows is now available for our community.

The launch of the desktop version of hVPN is the confirmation of our focus on delivering on the promises given to our community in our core document for the Spring season — Spring 2021 Strategic Goals. …

PureFi project is bringing an innovative and highly-awaited solution to the market that will make users’ journey through the DeFi world safer and more convenient. The guys behind PureFi have not only introduced a game-changing solution but also developed a highly functional token — PUREFI ($UFI) Token — to facilitate transactions within the ecosystem while offering great opportunities for all parties involved. Hacken Foundation believes that the idea behind this project is worth your attention and we hope that the $UFI utility will make this token a popular instrument among ethical investors.

But before speaking about the token utility, let…

PureFi Protocol & Specific Cases

Data is the main asset in the modern global economy. Private companies, governments, and common people are focused on securing their data. For Hacken Foundation, data privacy and data protection are not empty words but rather a key feature of all projects we launch. We realize that we can preserve users’ loyalty and trust only when they are confident that their data will not appear in the hands of cybercriminals. And PureFi is the right tool for users to have the ability to securely manage their data.

PureFi smart contract is capable of assigning the Money Laundering (ML) Score to…

We have prepared a very important update for the users who have not withdrawn all HKN tokens from their KuCoin accounts. HAI token is now listed on the KuCoin exchange. As you know, the lock for HAI swap operations is in force for 1 year. But we managed to find a compromise solution for the KuCoin community. The KuCoin exchange has agreed to carry out the token distribution process during which users will get HAI in exchange for HKN tokens at the rate of 10:1 (10 HAI for 1 HKN). The token swap will be made automatically.

Distribution scheme*:

  • In…

Liquidity Pools and the Risk Score

Money laundering has been one of the main issues affecting the global economy for many decades. The rapid development of DeFi infrastructure that has not been accompanied by the introduction of effective security solutions has created a favourable environment for malicious actors. And in this situation, honest users are left almost without any adequate protection, so that their reputation and image are under the threat of being heavily damaged. Hacken Foundation cannot ignore this situation. That is why we have decided to launch PureFi, the solution aimed at making DeFi free of money laundering.

The PureFi protocol, a project developed…

Welcome PureFi, the new project entering the Hacken Foundation.

We keep introducing innovative solutions, making the world a safer place and this time we are focusing on the DeFi world. New DeFi security solutions are highly demanded in the market and we’re sure we’ve found the project that can make a difference.

PureFi is the one-stop compliance protocol for decentralized finances developed by AMLBot in partnership with Hacken Foundation. The product will serve the needs of the DeFi market players by functioning as a full-cycle solution for crypto asset analytics and AML/KYC procedures.

The expertise of the team behind the…

On May 21, Dyma Budorin hosted the “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) session during which he shared insights into the recent changes in the cybersecurity industry, informed the audience on the Hacken Foundation’s updates and its new projects. We invite you to read the AMA Q/A section for better understanding.

Find the full recap of the AMA session at:

Questions & Answers from KuCoin:

Dyma: HAI! Happy to be here! I want to do a small experiment today. People during AMAs usually say things that they actually didn’t achieve. Fake it till you make it, basically lying, so I want to assure that today will…

We are excited to announce the limited sale to Hacken Club Associates and Partners (Level 2 and 3 Members) for the Lossless Project that will be launched on Dao Maker on May 28th.

Lossless is a highly promising project, the first DeFi hack mitigation tool for token creators. DeFi technologies are still at the stage of early development and that is why security incidents affecting DeFi projects are widespread. Hackers actively target DeFi platforms to steal funds. …

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