AMA Session with Dyma Budorin, CEO at Hacken Foundation

We were so pleased to host the AMA session with the Hacken Foundation CEO in Hacken’s Telegram Group. During the AMA, Dyma shared updates regarding the current status of projects functioning within the Hacken Foundation ecosystem.

For those who missed the AMA, you can check out the recap of all questions answered during the session to make sure you know what is going on in Hacken.

Remark: All questions were formulated by Hacken’s community and posted on Twitter before the AMA. The Hacken core team has gathered all of them and delivered them to Dyma during the AMA session.

Welcome to the Hacken AMA session with our CEO Dyma Budorin! The chat will be muted during the AMA. Please stay with us and get ready for HOT Updates and LIVE questions. I am here to deliver your Questions to Dyma. Welcome, Dyma, CEO at Hacken Foundation and one of the key players of the team!

Dyma: Hi Tanya! It’s a long time since I have spoken in the home chat

Tanya: Community has been missing you so much!

Dyma: I have lots of things to share but, of course, I will not reveal everything that will happen. But I am looking forward to sharing some important updates

Tanya: Dyma, please let me know when you finish answering a question by putting down /Done

Dyma: we will go through all questions and then, if not covered, I will add a bit more

Tanya: Awesome! So, the first question from our community. Many Blockchain solutions are trying to solve real-world problems. How does Hacken identify the solutions that provide maximum value-added right before the start of the project? Do you have any empirical formula in place to achieve it?

Dyma: So the first question. We will never stop fighting against bots, scams, and other bullshit existing in the crypto space. All AMAs are filled with the same questions from airdrop armies and, as a result, the importance of AMA sessions has become almost obsolete. We are all here to discuss our beloved organization Hacken. You are free to share your concerns and inspire us with ideas. I as well as our core team are always ready to give sincere answers. But the clear message to everyone who wants to get the answers for standard “crypto AMA” questions, please don’t waste your time, Hacken community is too smart for this shit

Tanya: Thank you, Dyma! It’s true, every day we receive so many messages from scammers

Next Question: I hope that you can explain the HAI price. The Hacken Foundation appears to be a very successful service provider with a great reputation and growing fan base, but the price of the HAI token is faltering around 0.10 to 0.12 USD. What are the reasons for this?

Dyma: It is easy to say that the market has changed. However, we all know that the core reason is fear, people are afraid of investing in crypto, that is why they sell. In terms of the factors that we have an impact on, the number one is the suspension of the release of the 3rd Hacken Foundation project, but you have to understand that these things are interconnected. The 3rd project will be very important for our ecosystem. We cannot simply release smth. For the 3rd project, we need to develop a marketing plan and strategy that would be better than the marketing campaigns developed for the previously released projects.

Another important point is related to the changes in market conditions. As a result, we have to revise from scratch the tokenomics of the next projects. We had to return funds to presale investors because it is not possible to launch a successful token with 700k USD initial mcap. All the above-mentioned points are the explanations for why the 3rd project tokenomics has not been released yet. But the good news is that everything has been finalized. The contract with the TOP IDO platform is signed and the HAI round will start very soon. Later today I will share more details on this matter.

Tanya: Thank you! Second Q. There is the NFT already available in the app. Do you have plans on developing more use cases with the NFTs or any plans on collaborating with other projects in the ecosystem that already provide a bigger NFT platform, let us mention #vimworld?

Dyma: Very good question. The infrastructure of HackenAI is indeed ready for the NFTs but I should mention that it wasn’t our top priority to market it. As you can see, HackenAI has changed quite a lot since its release. It used to be a cybersecurity super app, but now it is slowly becoming a community app and a home for HAI tokens

Also, the good news is that we have signed a deal yesterday with a very active community member that will unite VMworld and Hacken. This member will b responsible for bringing NFTs at HackenAI to a higher level.

Tanya: That’s a Great Update! Next Q: Hope you can share some insights on the Solana Hackathon Season, can’t wait!

Dyma: Lots of projects have applied. The Solana ecosystem is developing quite rapidly. We are building a trusted relationship with their team. Hackathons are very important for Solana development because their programming language is different from Solidity. It means that they need to find people outside the crypto space to develop their solutions. It is a significant challenge but they are moving in the right direction. Eventually, they will have a solid and loyal dev community.

Tanya: Info for new members. Hacken Foundation has become an official partner of Solana. Next → HAPI and Hacken have completed many great things for the last 2 months. Are there any plans to spread them to new investors?

Dyma: HAPI has recently released the updated roadmap. As for Hacken, we have our internal roadmap for product development and Hacken Foundation products releases. Right now, we are working on a combined roadmap that will also include updates from Disbalancer, CER, and other projects. I am committed to releasing this roadmap in 3 weeks. I want to share that Hacken core team training and vacation season has already passed. It was late May and early June. So in July and August, we will be fully focused on working at a high speed.

Tanya: It looks like the crypto market is approaching a downtrend. What will HACKEN do to overcome it and to bring benefits to users? Thank you.

Dyma: Value generation and quality. We have big goals, but we need to fix certain issues. As for me, I see only a great potential in the crypto downtrend because during the downtrend people are focused on fundamentals, reputation, and past records. Every day we are building our reputation through hard work and we are always setting highly ambitious goals. Our task is to assure our community members that all our plans will be timely executed. The Hacken approach applied during the downtrend provides for developing valuable B2C tools. We are focused on gathering many new people through our easy to use high-quality B2C products developed within the Hacken Foundation. Our approach will create a steady growth path

Tanya: Your recent tweet has boosted a huge interest among the community members

Next Q on this topic: Since Hacken and the Ukrainian government work very closely together, do you see the possibility that HAI can be used as a form of payment for daily activities, like shopping or online orders, in the near future?

Dyma: Honestly, that’s quite an important thing. My task is to allow all our community members to use HAI as a payment option in Ukraine so that when you come to our homeland, you can pay with HAI through the HackenAI wallet anywhere. And I strongly believe that it can happen much earlier than I thought before. I feel that Ukraine will be the country of the crypto experiment. Our government is focused very much on creating the best legislation for crypto in the world. Our government treats crypto as a big chance to move up from where we are right now. There are many talents in Ukraine, the country used to be the brain centre of the Soviet Union but, unfortunately, there is no economy at all in Ukraine. Hacken is by far the biggest crypto player in Ukraine. I take an active part in all legislation processes in our country. And yes, Mr Zelenskiy also supports this breakthrough idea. So let’s wait a bit more and when everything will be adopted — we invite all of you to Ukraine. You will just need to have the HackenAI wallet and some HAI inside

Tanya: the crypto market and advanced technologies are promising🚀 we will be keeping our fingers crossed

Next Q: What improvements can we expect this year in HackenAi app features and wallet? I think that the VPN is a huge step for Hacken. I’m a big fan of the app and would love to see its further development and exciting advertising!

Dyma: HackenAI will be slowly converted into a community app/wallet. The cybersecurity features will be shifted to separate apps and will be promoted separately as well. But all of them will be united by Hacken membership and all apps will be functioning as marketing instruments to attract new Hacken members

95% of people who will install HGuard, hPass, hVPn, and other new apps, most probably, will not know anything about Hacken, but we will do our best to make sure they will.

Tanya: Hello Dyma, my congratulations on the VPN roll-out. What next can we expect to be added to the app and Hacken ecosystem? Next Q from our community

Dyma: every project has its roadmap. For example, will go outside just ranking crypto exchanges. We see a big potential in ranking aggregators and we see it as the organic step in how we can reach our ultimate goal — the Amazon type cybersecurity products marketplace. Answering this question — please wait 3 weeks for a detailed roadmap. I will also add that the VPN marketing campaign has not started yet. We need to fix the flow of how users buy HAI. We will make easy to understand videos and then we will massively push them through media channels.

Tanya: We are looking forward to seeing the campaign and mass adoption of hVPN. The community loves this app! Question: When are you going to release #hVPN for Linux?

Dyma: I expect that in 2022

Tanya: Do Hacken and Hacken Foundation have any plans regarding making $HAI and the other ecosystem tokens available for use with a Crypto debit card!? Maybe together with Simplex or in partnership with some Ukrainian Banks?

Dyma: As I said earlier, it is a very important step in our development. Simplex works fine with Bitrue but it doesn’t work with KuCoin. It is one of the priorities. But first, we need to wait until the respective law is passed. Optimists expect the law to be adopted this month.

Tanya: Next Q: Are there any cross-chain features planned for mid/long terms?

Dyma: yes, tokens should not be limited to one chain. Vechain will always remain our home chain but we will make certain bridges. The biggest complexity here is to ensure control over the supply. We have explored different bridge solutions available in the market. I can say that right now the infrastructure for cross-blockchain solutions is not mature enough.

What about the dates of the HAI sale round for Artwallet and Purefi? Are they ready? Or are you waiting for better conditions in the market? When will you announce the next projects so that you can get in a total of 10 projects this year?

Dyma: Purefi is ready. I can tease that the HAI round this time will be different from the HAI rounds for DDOS and LOSS. We have considered our mistakes. This time we will have boosters for new members and time boosters. Also, there will be lock-up periods for participants. The mcap of PureFi will be extremely small and we will start an aggressive marketing campaign soon. It will be funny, just like HAPI. ArtWallet. This project has drawn lots of attention from top US funds. I don’t want to share more info about it.

Tanya: Twitter PureFi, Twitter ArtWallet

Dyma Budorin: to add about next projects. There is a line of a few promising ones. We are thinking about the order. As communicated earlier, we are focused on adding 1 project every month.

Tanya: Sounds Awesome! Thank you, Dyma. Next Q: Any plans to have some more interviews with crypto YouTubers, I’ve seen Dyma’s interview with @boxmining which was great but it would be great to see some link-ups with others.

Dyma: Yes, we are approaching KOLs now for the VPN marketing campaign. Obviously, most of them are super tired from the crypto summer season. Lots of tokens have fallen in price, so it is good for us cause we are giving them an opportunity to share valuable content with their viewers by telling them about lifetime premium VPN that you don’t need to pay for every month. It is pretty good content. The answer is yes

Tanya: And the last question. Merlin was audited by Hacken as well as Certik and still rug pulled. Obviously an inside job. Is there any way in the future that projects would have to deploy the audited smart contract instead of getting a report on vulnerabilities and it’s up to them whether to change it or not?

Dyma: this particular case was one of the triggers to accelerate the work on the Hacken Scout project. We audited Merlin in early May. Then Certik audited them in late May at the time they rug pulled. The code was already different. And so our approach to this kind of issue is Hacken Scout. Hacken Scout will remunerate active researchers for monitoring changes in smart contract repositories of crypto projects that is a huge work and difficult task. Not all people in the crypto space want and are ready to spend time and money on such a job. However, we see our responsibility to do it. I kindly ask you to pay attention to future Hacken Scout announcements. The success of this project will play an important role in helping Hacken reach our mcap goals

Tanya: Dyma, thank you for the wonderful AMA! Great speech! As always. Let’s jump right into the Updates that you’d like to share with our community?

Dyma: Unfortunately we have not covered ToxicList, disBalancer, and community dev plans. Well, then I invite you to follow my Twitter for updates. Thanks everyone for your attention. We will make another AMA in the Russian chat next week and I would like to come back here for another round in 3 weeks when we will release the updated roadmap

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