AMA Session with Worminator: Recap is ready!

Recently, one new family member has joined Hacken Foundation. The name of this project is Worminator and it’s the anti-bot solution to protect emerging projects and their communities against financial damage caused by the malicious transactions initiated by bots. For many of you, Worminator is a new word and, thus, you are interested in finding more info about this project, its new token, the value you get by owning this token, and Worminator’s plans for the future before deciding whether to support this initiative through investments.

Q: Could you please briefly introduce yourself?

Q: How was the idea of Worminator born?

Q: What are the bots you are fighting against? How do they harm crypto trading?

Q: Maybe you know something about these mysterious snipers bots? Who are they? How do they find those tokens?

Q: I have heard that mining pools are somehow involved in such activities. What do you think about it? In which blockchain are sniper bots more active?

Q: Could you please tell us a bit more about front-running bots? What is the mechanism of their work and how do they harm a project?

Q: What is the average profit provided by such a sandwich in % to the buy order?

Q: Could you please share information on what you are currently working on?

Q: What is the essential token utility and what benefits do Worminator’s holders get by participating in this swap?

As you can see, the Worminator team has provided answers to very important questions. Now you have an understanding of the idea behind the project, the reasons for swapping the old token to the new one, the industry needs that can be met by the project’s solution, and the benefits you get by participating in the multi-token swap rounds for Worminator. We will keep on sharing with you the information about this project in our next materials. The solutions facilitating your investment experience are the future of the industry. Thanks to your support for Worminator, the secure investment future for common users will come true.

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