Announcing The HackenAI 1.0 Release Date and HAI Early Adopters Staking Package

As we approach the release of HackenAI 1.0, which has some additional features not found in our Open Beta, we are very excited to reveal the release date for the official release of the app.

The release date of HackenAI 1.0 will be on April 27th, 2020!

The app will launch on the App Store for iOS devices and Google Play Store for Android devices. More information will be released in our upcoming blog post during launch.

To celebrate the announcement of our release date, we are introducing our new Early Adopters Staking Package, which brings an incredible 50% savings for all Staking Packages using our Direct Purchase Option via the HackenAI official website.

What is the HAI Staking Program?

As announced in our previous articles, users and HAI token holders will be able to lockup their HAI from within the HackenAI app to unlock a number of benefits that give immense value to users.

In designing the HackenAI Staking Packages we had two primary goals in order to maximize the value to the users:

  • Bring additional value to HAI token holders in the form of financial and non-financial incentives
  • Build a partnership network for HackenAI promotion to further stimulate user growth

There are four hierarchy levels based on the number of benefits included:

till 31/07 means if you buy a staking before July 31st

More information about the program can be found in our whitepaper and our previous blog posts and articles.

50% Discount for Early Package Adopters

To express our commitment and appreciation towards our community, we are happy to announce that all early buyers who commit to the Staking Program will receive a 50% discount, valid for all levels. This discount will be valid until July 31st, 2020, where we will release the official desktop versions of the HackenAI app.

Moreover, all users who purchase our Early Adopter Packages during the discount period will receive additional privileges in the form of a free lifetime Normal subscription of the HackenAI App. Additionally, users who purchase the 3rd or 4th level package via the official HackenAI website will get a lifetime Premium subscription for FREE!

The offer is valid only till July 31st using the direct purchase option on our official website.

When early adopters purchase our Staking Packages they are in a unique position where they are buying into a package level of HAI at the early adopter rates. When this appreciates in value, users are able to keep their package status but can trade the profitable HAI from the increased value.

For example, if one purchases $5000 worth of HAI at $0.01 and becomes 4th level (500,000 HAI). At end of the 6-month lock, let’s say HAI is worth $0.04. The value of this 4th level is now $20,000. This user can maintain their 4th level by keeping 125,000 HAI locked and has the option to sell the profits of the remaining 375,000 HAI.

Directly Purchase HAI Early Adopter Packages

To simplify the process for our early adopters and community, we have implemented a direct purchase dashboard that accepts BTC and USDT (ERC20). Users can purchase their desired packages without needing to go through third party cryptocurrency exchanges.

Staking packages are a bundle of HAI tokens pegged to our initial offering price at 1 HAI = 0.01 USD.

How to purchase from our dashboard

To purchase from our dashboard, please follow the instructions below:

1. Visit the official HackenAI website.

2. Click on the “Buy Staking” button on the top right corner.

3. Get registered in the HackenAI dashboard

4. Choose one of the Staking Options you want to purchase

5. Choose the payment option. You can use BTC or USDT to purchase the packages.

6. Make a payment

7. Complete the verification

Claiming your purchased package

Important note: Staking Packages can only be claimed during the release of the HackenAI 1.0 app.

Steps to claim your HAI Staking Package

1. Claim your package using the “Receive Staking” button on April 27th, 2020

2. Enter your HAI address displayed on the HackenAI 1.0 Wallet.

3. Click Claim Button. You will get your staking in HackenAI App within 24 hours after claiming.

Note: Make sure you enter your correct HAI address from your HackenAI Wallet. The claiming process is irreversible.

Road to HackenAI 1.0

As we get closer to the launch, more and more information will get released. Furthermore, to answer everyone’s comments and questions, HackenAI Co-Founder and CEO Dyma Budorin will be present at the official HackenAI Telegram Channel for a pre-launch AMA session with the community, on April 26th, 2020.

Please look forward to our future announcements!

Summary of upcoming timeline:

April 26th — AMA with HackenAI CEO, Dyma Budoring in the official HackenAI telegram group

April 27th — HackenAI v1.0 release with Token Swap functionality

April 27th (UTC+8) — Trading start on OceanEx for IEO participants

April 30th (UTC+8) — Withdrawal function of HAI

May 8th (UTC+8) — Deposit function of HAI

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