Announcing the HackenAI social media roadmap and rebrand

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Even though both individual user and corporate cyber security is getting more advanced, all of the recent high profile hacking attacks suggest that the bad guys are always one step ahead. The latest attacks targeted high profile companies such as Capital One, where tens of millions of peoples’ information was stolen, Fortnite, which was hit with a ransomware attacks and the list can go on and on. This why there is an increasing need for a new product that can help regular users and companies alike stay safe online.

We, at Hacken, have focused a lot of attention and resources at developing such a product, called HackenAI. This is your one-stop-shop for all cybersecurity-related protection. The platform is entirely powered and made possible by the HAI token. HAI is a VIP180 token that is minted with the VeChainThor Blockchain. It’s an extension of the old HKN token and is a utility token used to fuel all activities performed within the HackenAI Platform. Protection to users is driven by carefully thought out tokenomics to ensure adequate coverage and fairness to all, being integrated directly into the services offered by the HackenAI platform. HackenAI’s current features include:

  1. CyberBootCamp
  2. Password manager
  3. 2-factor authentication (OTP generation)
  4. Compromised accounts monitoring
  5. Secure storage
  6. VPN service
  7. Non-custodial Crypto Wallet
  8. Digital Asset Viewer/Tracker
  9. Cybersec Marketplace
  10. News and industry alerts

The official MVP release of HackenAI is expected to be in the first quarter of 2020. While we are working hard on perfecting HackenAI, all of our B2B services remain intact, but our main focus will shift towards HackenAI. From now on, you will be able to find all of the information about our B2B services and products on our Twitter channel: but all of our channels, including the above mentioned Twitter account, will be used for making announcements and updates about HackenAI. You can find below all changes regarding our rebranding:

  1. Medium. The URL of the Medium will be changed to From now it will be the official blog for HackenAI application. All announcements and the most relevant company updates and news you will be able to find there.
  2. Twitter. As we are moving closer to the official release of the first version of the application as well as HAI listings we are rebranding our main communication channel into From now it will be the official HackenAI app twitter page. All relevant updates regarding the app release and HAI token development you will be able to find there. In the meanwhile we continue to develop our B2B services, so all relevant content and updates regarding Hacken corporate security services you will be able to find on our official corporate twitter page: We will also keep our HackenProof page as official communication channel with our White Hat hackers community.
  3. Facebook. We will keep our official facebook page and rename it into for Hacken’s purposes, and create a new page for HackenAI app community development: On Facebook, you will be able to find more content regarding app development and marketing and less on token development. More about HAI token you will be able to find in our official twitter and telegram chat.
  4. Instagram. Of course, we will create a new Instagram page for the app community development: A lot of interesting and sometimes funny content you will be able to find there.
  5. Telegram chat and announcement channel. Our telegram chat was and will be the main communication channel between us and community members, as we are moving closer to app release, token swap and listings we will rebrand our channels into HackenAI official.

All changes will take place in the nearest time so stay tuned for our further updates.

The development of HackenAI is advancing as planned. We are currently working on an MVP and we are on track to release HackenAI in the first quarter of 2020 as expected. Recently, Hacken CEO, Dmitriy Budorin, and other Hacken team members participated in the Blockshow Asia 2019, a flagship event of the blockchain industry where he presented HackenAI at a startup competition to critical acclaim. He also presented Hack report which further underscored the market demand for HackenAI. You can read all about Hacken’s activities at the Blockshow Asia 2019 conference in our previous article.

You can expect to hear more news and developments about HackenAI on our Medium channel and website as the release date of HackenAI draws closer.

To learn more about HackenAI please check our recently launched website and whitepaper.

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