Antivirus Software vs HackenAI: Is there a Difference?

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Ever since the internet was first introduced, there were bad actors trying to commit fraud and other mischief. In the heyday of the internet, regular antivirus software was enough to keep individual users and companies secure online. However, cyber threats have evolved over the decades and users nowadays need something more than an increasingly niche approach that antivirus software provides.

This is where HackenAI comes in. We have specially crafted HackenAI to provide maximum preventive cybersecurity and it is every user’s trusted companion to navigating past all of the threats posed by cybercriminals regardless of how advanced the threat(s) may be.

With all of this in mind, let’s take a closer look at everything that HackenAI offers and what makes it a much better choice than only using an antivirus solution. First, let’s get an understanding of what HackenAI is all about.

What is HackenAI?

HackenAI is your one-stop-shop for all cybersecurity-related protection. The platform is entirely powered and made possible by the HAI token. HAI is a VIP180 token that is minted with the VeChainThor Blockchain. It’s an extension of the old HKN token and is a utility token used to fuel all activities performed within the HackenAI Platform. Protection to users is driven by carefully thought out tokenomics to ensure adequate coverage and fairness to all, being integrated directly into the services offered by the HackenAI platform. HackenAI’s current features include:

  1. CyberBootCamp
  2. Password manager
  3. 2-factor authentication (OTP generation)
  4. Compromised accounts monitoring
  5. Secure storage
  6. VPN service
  7. Non-custodial Crypto Wallet
  8. Digital Asset Viewer/Tracker
  9. Cybersec Marketplace
  10. News and industry alerts

HackenAI really puts the users themselves in the driver’s seat as far as their cybersecurity is concerned. With a traditional antivirus software, you are building up defenses, but you are a sitting duck waiting to react to an incident.

As an example of the way HackenAI allows you to take a proactive approach, let’s take a look at some common threats faced by people every day and compare how HackenAI and antivirus software deal with them.

Social Engineering

We all get suspicious-looking emails urging us to click on a link contained inside to win a prize or other enticing offers. However, in most cases, this is a phishing attempt where hackers try to get you to visit a malicious site only to steal your personal data. There are many ways HackenAI can defend you:

  1. It will walk you through a Preventive Cyber Bootcamp to make sure you can learn to identify phishing and other types of social engineering attacks on the spot and achieve 99.9% preventive protection against cybersecurity threats. The cybersecurity bootcamp consists of six modules: Account Management, Anti-phishing, Privacy, Data Protection Rules, Digital Assets Security, Tracking Data Leakage. As a result of the successful completion of the boot camp, you will greatly improve your personal cybersecurity, and receive a cryptocurrency reward from the app in HAI tokens.
  2. HackenAI will also provide you with cyber protection mining. Bad actors maliciously install malware in browsers and software that let them hijack your device to mine and generate cryptocurrencies, severely impacting the performance and security of your device.
  3. When necessary, the HackenAi app immediately alerts a user of impending security threats and dangerous data leaks. It also prompts them with the suggested steps in mitigating the risks of exploitation.
  4. It will also educate and provide individual users and company management with some practical steps they can take to keep personal information secure and protect the company’s infrastructure.

While HackenAI focuses on keeping people and their assets safe online, antivirus solutions are more focused on the device itself. It will notify you that your computer, smartphone or tablet has been infected, but it will not give you any directions to help mitigate the damage. It will not alert you in the event of suspicious activity involving your personal data. Moreover, large companies are even more prone to social engineering attacks because the more employees they have, the more targets are available for hackers.

Human error resulting from social engineering attacks are very difficult to predict and even the slightest lapse in judgement can prove to be costly. However, if all employees are well informed about the potential risks and how to identify them, then the likelihood of a successful attack decreases significantly. This is why HackenAI goes so much further and allows people to be proactive with their cybersecurity since the best defense is often a good offense.

Defending Your Crypto Assets

Hackers have become very sophisticated when it comes to stealing crypto assets. Instead of targeting the cryptocurrencies themselves, they target crypto exchanges which have much more lax security. The main threat is the irreversibility of hacked or misspent crypto assets. Once an exchange is hacked, it is extremely unlikely that any compromised digital assets can be recovered as most blockchains are immutable.

HackenAI can be a lifesaver for crypto users because:

  1. Through HackenAI, a user can protect crypto exchange accounts via API policies audit, as well as gather, analyze and manage them from one platform.
  2. When necessary, HackenAI immediately alerts users of impending security threats and dangerous data leaks.
  3. HackenAI can be used on a daily basis for cybersecurity and digital assets tracking purposes.

Antivirus software does not go far enough for defending crypto users. One of the biggest challenges of detecting crypto account breaches is early detection. This can be something like a sharp increase in CPU usage, network congestion, servers slowing down and other symptoms of an impending attack. However, if the antivirus software notices these anomalies in isolation, it will not raise any red flags.

HackenAI is much more advanced in this regard because it keeps an eye out for your daily usage activities and will be able to pick up even the slightest discrepancy and alert you if necessary.

Give Yourself the Peace of Mind You Deserve

If you are like most people, you are not used to keeping a lookout for the tell-tale signs of an impending attack. Nevertheless, you want to go online and without having to worry about some new threat developed by hackers to steal your login information, financial assets or anything else. Regardless of whether you are a crypto user or not, you will love HackenAI because it is a 360° “motherly care” product that takes ownership of user cybersecurity. It consistently monitors all data leakages and immediately prompts users with timely, detailed information and suggested steps to take in mitigating the risks of exploitation.

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