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We are delighted to announce that our team is growing to cope with the high demand of Hacken Group services from our numerous clients and partners.

Anton Bosenko has joined Hacken as Strategic Advisor to help to identify and execute growth opportunities, drive cross-functional business processes, and maintain business model innovation in the Hacken ecosystem.

“I am thrilled to be part of the Hacken Group and intend to apply my entrepreneurial and strategic management experience to bring the company to a new level and carve out new niches.” Anton said.

Anton has spent the past 11 years as an entrepreneur, executive, and business development specialist across a broad spectrum of industries. Over recent years, he has transferred his strategic skills to the blockchain sector, quickly becoming an industry influencer.

He has recently applied his expertise to the blockchain sector as Council Member, Special Projects Lead, and Business Development Lead for CIS region at Foundation, one of the oldest and reputable global blockchain platforms.

Anton is skilled in building strong teams and helping them achieve their highest potential. As former NEM Ukraine Leader, he built a team, developed Go To Market strategy for the local market, and quickly propelled NEM into the most notable blockchain project in Ukraine resulting in a strong community and numerous partnerships and collaborations with SME, large enterprise, universities, associations, and government, including cooperation with the Central Election Commission.

Outside of Hacken, Anton also serves as a Mentor for UNICEF programs and an Investment expert for the Ukrainian Startup Fund, which is the biggest state-owned fund to support innovation projects and help the most talented Ukrainian entrepreneurs create successful companies at scale.

Additionally, Anton is a huge promoter of blockchain, innovations, and other emerging technologies and in-demand keynote speaker. He conducts lectures at Universities, runs educational meetups and workshops for community and business.

In taking on the advisor role, Anton said that the exceptional expertise from both blockchain and conventional businesses gives Hacken a strong market position and all the components to become a game-changer.

As the Hacken Group always strives to deliver the best possible and innovative cybersecurity solutions to the market, a strategic approach is a must on that way.

We welcome on board Anton Bosenko and look forward to his extensive business knowledge to be applied to Hacken’s all-important development as a business.

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