Are you a developer? Win $1,000,000 in prizes + grants at KlayMakers22

2 min readAug 10, 2022


Hacken became a Community Partner at KlayMakers22, Klaytn’s flagship global hackathon where developers have a chance to win up to US$1,000,000 in prizes and grants by building use cases on the Klaytn ecosystem.

KlayMakers22 is the top industry event for Web3, Metaverse, and DAO developers, where you can compete for money and incubator opportunities. It will have five tracks:

  1. Klaytn Core Track
  2. Metaverse+ NFTs Track
  3. DAO Track
  4. Fi+ Track
  5. Public Goods Track

Each track has a prize pool of $60,000 paid in KLAY plus grants. In addition to these unique five tracks, you will have a chance to win grants and accelerator opportunities from ten sponsors’ challenges. You can go solo or create a team of up to five mates to compete together in the hackathon.

The hackathon is open to both blockchain dev beginners and veterans. If you are a blockchain dev beginner or unfamiliar with the Klaytn ecosystem, KlayMakers22 offers seven workshops where you will progressively learn everything about Klaytn Blockchain to start your first “Build” of Klaytn. Veteran blockchain developers will also benefit from workshops as everyone will have a chance to interact with the Klaytn team and challenge sponsors.

The first developer workshop kicks off on Aug 19.

Pre-register for the hackathon to access all the benefits of developer workshops and increase your chances of winning top prizes and grants.




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