ArtWallet: HAI round is starting on Aug 31, 2021

We are pleased to announce that the HAI round for ArtWallet is starting on August 31st and will last for 14 days. The total number of available tokens is 2,000,000 $1ART priced 0,08 USDT. The price in HAI will be determined 24 hours before the end of the sale. The HAI round for ArtWallet will be held in the same way as the HAI round for HAPI, DDOS, and UFI.

What is ArtWallet?

ArtWallet is the innovative NFT solution bringing together NFT marketplaces, creators, virtual galleries, and many more elements of digital art. ArtWallet is suitable for art as well as other sectoral types of NFTs such as Real Estate, Collectibles, etc.

The key principles followed by the team behind ArtWallet are data persistence and the comfort of our users. We are focused on meeting the needs of the global crypto community and promoting the mass adoption of NFT technologies.

ArtWallet is more than just a simple NFT marketplace! It’s a giant Spotify-sized project that strives to ensure fair reward distribution for the whole Art industry. The artists will be able to drop exclusive content while users will be able to subscribe for their favourite artists using the $1ART tokens.

HAI Round Details

The total supply for the HAI Round is 2M $1ART tokens priced 0.08 USDT with the best lock-up terms. 10% of the HAI Round Allocation will be unlocked at TGE and the remaining 90% — will be unlocked linear during 9 months starting from the 4th month next to the month of token issue (TGE);

The price in HAI will be determined 24 hours before the end of the HAI Round.

The address for the HAI Round will become available on the official Hacken Foundation Website at the date of Sale.

The HAI Round for $1ART is Starting on 31 August and will Last 14 Days.

  • You must send HAI (only the VeChain HAI tokens are accepted) from HackenAI Wallet

If you need to transfer tokens to VET, please use the following service

  • You need to be at least 1st Level Hacken Club Member
  • Minimum amount is 5,000 HAI per 1 VeChain HackenAI address
  • Maximum amount is 500,000 HAI per 1 VeChain HackenAI address

How to Get More $1ART tokens with Additional Boosters

You can get a higher allocation in the HAI round by applying our special Hacken Club Membership boosters:

Hacken Club Membership Boosters applied

  • Level 1 (Member) — 1,05x
  • Level 2 (Associate) — 1,2x
  • Level 3 (Partner) — 2x

You can also get a higher allocation in the HAI round by applying early. The earlier you apply, the greater urgency booster you get:

Urgency Boosters

  • 1 day — 2x
  • 2 day — 1,8x
  • 3 day — 1,6x
  • 4 day — 1,4x
  • 5 day — 1,2x
  • 6–10 days — 1x
  • 11–12 days — 0,8x
  • 13–14 days — 0,6x

How to become a Hacken Club Member

Please refer to the following instruction if you are not a member yet:

***Please be informed that unless you follow all the requirements provided above, the tokens will be returned to your wallet address and you will not be eligible for getting allocation as well as participating in farming.

Oversubscription and Farming

All oversubscribed HAI tokens will be distributed to ArtWallet token farming automatically 14 days after the IDO and then the farming will be launched (oversubscribed tokens are locked until the start of farming). Totally 5M $1ART tokens will be available for farming for 3 years. The farming option will be available in the HackenAI App.

HAI Round $1ART Token Distribution to Participants

Will be announced additionally. Stay tuned.

Thank you for being with us during the ArtWallet relaunch. Together we will bring revolutionary changes to the global NFT industry. HAI Round for ArtWallet is a great opportunity for the Hacken community to be among the pioneers in NFT adoption and get the highest returns on the invested capital. Don’t miss this chance! Make the NFT boom work for you!

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