ArtWallet Token Distribution Details for HAI Round Participants

HAI Round for ArtWallet is over, $1ART farming is coming. Now, it’s a great pleasure for us to share with you the HAI Round for ArtWallet results and distribution details. The first NFT project to enter Hacken Foundation has boosted strong interest among our community members. The global NFT boom is going on and all industry players feel it. We are proud to note that Hacken and our amazing community are leading revolutionary changes in the market by supporting the ArtWallet initiative.

The total amount of HAI raised during the HAI Round for ArtWallet (without boosters) is 35,140,933 under the hard cap of 2,000,000 HAI. That means that the total oversubscription rate equals 17.57X.

But the total amount of HAI raised including all boosters (membership + urgency) equals amazing 124,695,108 HAI Tokens!

Almost 300 Hacken Club members have participated in the HAI Round for ArtWallet:

  • Hacken Club Level 1 members — 57 participants
  • Hacken Club Level 2 members — 104 participants
  • Hacken Club Level 3 members — 126 participants

No membership — 7 participants (HAI will be returned, allocation will not be counted)

The official 1ART/HAI rate is 1:1.

How to count your allocation

It’s easy, just use the following formula:

Your allocation = (Amount of HAI sent * Membership Booster * Urgency Booster*Total 1ART supply for HAI Round)/Total HAI sent with boosters

Example: John is a Hacken Club Level 2 member and has sent 50,000 HAI 1 day before the end of the sale (20 September). So, John’s urgency booster equals 0.5X and the membership booster — 1.2X. Let’s calculate:

John’s allocation = (50,000*1.2*0.5*2,000,000)/124,695,108= 481 1ART

1ART Tokens Distribution

1ART tokens will be distributed at the date of TGE. The preliminary date of distribution is October 19th, but the date might be changed due to the agreements with IDO platforms. Please stay tuned for further announcements.

Distribution details

  • Network: Binance Smart Chain
  • Date: Oct 19, 2021 (preliminary)
  • Distribution method: Airdrop
  • Unlock at TGE: 10%
  • Cliff: 3 months
  • Vesting: 10% monthly after cliff

Please view the tokenomics

Oversubscription and Farming

All oversubscribed HAI tokens will be distributed to ArtWallet token farming automatically by 1st October and then the farming will be launched (oversubscribed tokens are locked until the start of farming).

Totally 5M $1ART tokens will be available for farming for 3 years with HAI and 1ART. The farming option for HAI will be available in the HackenAI App and the farming pool for 1ART tokens will be available on the official ArtWallet website at the date of TGE.

Details on 1ART farming will be announced additionally before the IDO! Also, some multipliers will be applied.

The HAI Farming will start on 1st October before the IDO! All oversubscribed HAI will be distributed directly for farming. 1ART claiming will become available 2 weeks after IDO. In this case, you will farm 1ART even before its release! This is the new scheme we want to try to apply to Hacken Foundation projects.

Please note that unless you followed all the requirements specified in the HAI Round for ArtWallet explanatory article, you are not eligible to get an allocation in 1ART and your tokens will be sent back to your wallet in full size.

Hacken team would like to thank our amazing community for your active participation in the HAI Round for ArtWallet. Thanks to your motivation to support revolutionary ideas, we have the right to proudly say “Hacken is among the pioneers in the world of NFT”. Looking forward to sharing with you the future achievements of the ArtWallet team.

About ArtWallet

ArtWallet is a one-stop solution for the global NFT market that is now worth billions of dollars. There are still many unresolved challenges faced by existing market players. ArtWallet is focused on Data Persistence, Authenticity Verification, Audio/Visual content streaming, and many more.

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