Best Black Friday 2020: HackenProof Deals offering up to 50% Off

In advance of Black Friday, HackenProof launches a special offer for cryptocurrency exchanges that provides for a 50% discount on the conduct of the Bug Bounty Program. The special offer is valid from November 23 and will last a week.

Especially for Black Friday, HackenProof launches a special offer for cryptocurrency exchanges: 6 months Bug Bounty Program with a 50% discount and the payment for the service is made in tokens $HAI. All the tokens received during the period of the offer will be utilized by burning. The offer is valid from November 23 to November 30, 2020.

Over the last three years, we have improved cybersecurity of 300+ clients, vast majority of which were reputable cryptocurrency exchanges: Liquid, Bithumb Global,, FTX and many more. Also, we are proud to note that our strategic partner CoinGecko, in July 2020, has also launched the public program Bug Bounty on the platform HackenProof to strengthen transparency and cybersecurity of its products and services.

What is the Bug Bounty Program?

HackenProof is a well-established bug bounty and vulnerability coordination platform developed by Hacken that includes a highly ethical hacker community comprising of 4000 members.

The sophisticated platform to enlist the help of the hacker community to reveal critical vulnerabilities.

Depending on your needs, you can run a Public or Private bug bounty programs.

Public bug bounty programs are open to the general public. Everyone can participate in these programs.

Private bug bounty programs are by invitation-only. They are open only to a selected group of hackers with proven skills.

Advantages of the Bug Bounty Program

  • Eliminates critical vulnerabilities from your product: The HackenProof Triage Team and hackers will advise remediation when appropriate.
  • Allows you to learn what hackers know: Be the first to learn about your bugs and see how a bug bounty program informs the engineering teams on the ways to deal with vulnerabilities.
  • Provides continuous feedback: The bug bounty programs provide a continuous feedback loop to the engineering teams throughout the SDLC.
  • The presence of the Bug Bounty Program is essential for cybersecurity best practices and has a significant value in Coingecko Trust Score.

How to get a discount?

For more information, please, contact us via e-mail, in the subject of your letter write Black Friday 2020.

Be the first to get a discount on the Bug Bounty Program.



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