Blockchain Hackers VIII: overview of conversation on cutting edge DeFi security

Last week the Hacken team organized our traditional Blockchain Hackers meetup bringing together DeFi security enthusiasts in Barcelona. We had top speakers from Ava Labs,, Hacken, and Status. Also, it was a great pleasure for our team and all participants to speak with CoinGecko co-founder Bobby Ong.

In their presentations, our speakers covered fundamental Web 3.0 cybersecurity topics including smart contract audits, crypto exchanges security, and industry transparency concerns as well as shared valuable insights during networking.

The enthusiasts who did not visit the event but are eager to find all insights as well as visitors who would like to remind themselves of key ideas explained by our speakers, you can find their presentations below.

  • Dr. Arnold Yau, Ava Labs. “The Risks of YOLOing”.
    This presentation explains how to make sure your security brings maximum value to your project.
    View Arnold’s Presentation
  • Corey Petty, Chief Security Officer at Status, PhD. “How to not suck at an audit”.
    This presentation explains the challenges affecting DeFi security and provides advice to projects on how to develop effective security practices.
    View Corey’s Presentation
  • Kostiantyn Oleshko, Product Owner at “Blockchain ecosystem security insights 2022”.
    This presentation provides up-to-date statistics regarding the state of crypto exchanges cybersecurity. At the end of this presentation you can find the announcement of the huge update by
    View Kostiantyn’s Presentation

If you have any feedback and suggestions after viewing these presentations, feel free to communicate them on our Discord. Your ideas may change the DeFi cybersecurity landscape.

At the end of the meetup, the guests enjoyed listening to the fireside chat with Hacken CEO Dyma Budorin and co-founder and COO of CoinGecko Bobby Ong. Bobby and Dyma shared valuable information regarding transparency trends in Web 3.0.

Transparency will become one of the hottest Web 3.0 topics in the near future due to the modern cyberwar and its implications for crypto holders. Try to do some research on this topic and share your findings with our team and community.

Great thanks to all speakers and visitors of our event. Our team is looking forward to seeing you at Blockchain Hackers IX.



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