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We are pleased to announce that we are opening the registration for a Closed Beta Testing of the HackenAI App. You can register your interest in the Beta on our updated website.

You can also register your interest to participate in the Closed Beta Test by filling the Closed Beta application form directly.

The registration will be opened until the 14th of February. Based on your applications we will choose 100 early adopters who will get the early access to test the main functions of the application. Past experience in Beta Testing is preferred.

As was announced before we are still on schedule to release the MVP by the end of Q1 2020 available for iOS and Android. MacOS and Windows versions are expected to be released by the end of Q2. MVP will include a CyberBootCamp, Password Manager and Digital Wallet.

Please don’t hesitate to register to get early access. There are limited spots available. After registration, further details on Closed Beta will be announced shortly, stay tuned!

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