DarkNet Monitoring — Protect yourself against data breaches

According to research done by Digital Guardian, the average U.S. email address is associated with 130 different accounts. With more and more of our lives taking place online, this number is expected to further increase in the future.

For every website and service we sign up for, we have to trust these providers to protect the data we store with them.

Unfortunately, as can be seen from various examples in the past few years, there is no guarantee that these service providers are capable of doing so.

Take for example the My Fitness Pal data breach in 2018, where over 150 million customer usernames, email addresses as well as passwords were stolen, the Zynga (creator of Farmville) breach in September 2019 in which 218 million user accounts were compromised or the Equifax breach in July 2017, in which account data of one of the largest credit bureaus in the US where stolen.

When a data breach occurs, it is essential to take action immediately, by changing your password and making sure no other service you have signed up for uses the same login details.

But how to be notified of these data breaches even when some service providers will try to cover them up?

The answer is our HackenAI DarkNet Monitoring service.

At HackenAI, we have created the biggest database of compromised account details in the world, with data of over 12 billion breached accounts. Our database is over 30% bigger than other popular services like haveibeenpwned. Using our extensive network and expertise, we are at the forefront to detect and be notified of any future data breaches.

Using our DarkNet Monitoring service, you will receive notifications as soon as account details are found online and compromised so you can take immediate action to keep your data secure.

DarkNet Monitoring is totally automated and free of charge.

How to enable DarkNet Monitoring

  1. Download HackenAI Open Beta from the following links: iOS or Android
  2. Confirm that you want to be a Beta tester of HackenAI App
  3. Register using your main email that you want to check for data breaches. (The HackenAI Beta currently only supports the monitoring of one email address)
  4. Go to the Toolbox and enable DarkNet Monitoring
  5. Confirm that you allow data breach monitoring by your email
  6. Now you can see what accounts are compromised including you emails and passwords
How to enable DarkNet Monitoring

Please note that HackenAI Open Beta may be unstable and some of the functionalities may not work as intended. Only iOS 12+ and Android 8+ are supported.

What to do if you have been breached?

Don’t panic.

Take a moment to read the instructions below and follow them carefully.

Take action and stay safe.

  1. IMMEDIATELY change the password of the compromised email.
    Create a strong and complex password by
    1) using HackenAI Password Generator
    2) make one yourself.
    Make sure that password doesn’t contain full words and consist of symbols, digits and upper and lowercase letters. This is necessary so that hackers and criminals don’t gain access to other private information linked to the compromised email address, as passwords that contain meaningful text are easily cracked.
  2. Change the password of the compromised account.
    If hackers retrieved some information by hacking the website where you have an account — it doesn’t mean that you have to delete the said compromised account. You can still keep using it, but you will need to change the password to a new, unique one.
  3. Check for the same passwords.
    If you used the same password for two or more accounts, change them and read our recommendations on how to minimize the damage of a data breach. Otherwise, you allow hackers to take more of your private information and therefore possibly use your identity for criminal activities.
  4. Add 2FA to your accounts.
    This extra step will help you protect your data by adding an extra layer of security. HackenAI 2FA will be released soon!
  5. Stay informed about your compromised data.
    Enable HackenAI DarkNet Monitoring on your device to receive notifications on data breaches. Some of the breaches include sensitive financial and identity information, so if a cybercriminal has the dataset which contains your credentials he could easily work out a way of stealing your money and possibly identity. If your bank account or credit card numbers were included in a breach, alert your bank about the possible scam and discuss preventive measures with them.
  6. Spread awareness and contribute to overall cybersecurity.
    Contact the support team of the hacked site if you think they are not informed about the breach of their website. You will help others to get informed and to take measures against possible data theft

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Stay safe! Stay secured with HackenAI!

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