DDOS Farming. Maximize your returns on HAI investments

2 min readMar 25, 2022

You own just HAI tokens

If you own some HAI and want to get DDOS tokens, you can do it in the HackenAI app without any risks and expenditures. Just stake your HAI to farm DDOS tokens in the farming section of HackenAI.

Open HackenAI -> Go to Farming -> Choose DDOS -> Click State Now -> Decide on the amount of HAI you want to stake

You can withdraw your farming income whenever you want. Also, you can either increase or decrease your stake at any time.

You need to have HAI on VeChain to stake them for farming (you can transfer HAI tokens between networks using Bridge in HackenAI). You can get earned DDOS tokens either on ETH or BSC addresses (you need to have some ETH or BNB to cover the claiming fee). You can view how many DDOS tokens are available for claiming on each network on the Hacken Foundation website, “Projects” section (here you can also use DDOS Farming Calculator to know how much you can earn by farming DDOS).

You can easily transfer your HAI tokens between networks using Bridge in the HackenAI app.

As of the middle of March, estimated APY for DDOS farming in HackenAI is up to 16.5% (for Hacken Club Level 3 Members). DDOS farming calculator is available on the Hacken Foundation

Hacken Club Membership allows you to apply farming boosters to increase your farming income:

  • Level 1: 1,05X
  • Level 2: 1,2X
  • Level 3: 2X

You own both HAI and DDOS tokens

If you own both HAI and DDOS, you can get higher income by participating in the HAI/DDOS LP Farming that is available on the Hacken Foundation website in the “Projects” section.

As of the middle of March, the annual HAI/DDOS LP Farming yield is >40%.

To farm DDOS tokens via LP Farming, you need to have HAI and DDOS on the BSC network. Also, you need to import your HackenAI wallet to MetaMask using your private key.

First you get HAI/DDOS LP token and then you stake it to farm DDOS tokens. You can claim your income whenever you want. You are also free to either increase or decrease your stake.

If you still have some HAI tokens left on your wallet after getting HAI/DDOS LP token, simply stake them for traditional DDOS farming.

If you don’t own HAI and DDOS tokens, you can purchase them on crypto exchanges, for example, Gate.io. Since cybersecurity is heavily undervalued in Web 3.0, cybersecurity tokens have a high growth potential.




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