Exclusive Quest for the Smartest Hacken Community Members

The Hacken team keeps on developing interactive challenges for our community. We realize that the crypto sphere is not only about money and transactions but also about the value of the new level of communication between a project and its users. This time, we have prepared an interesting quest for you by solving which you can earn 5,000 $HAI. The Hacken team does not only offer you the opportunities to earn money but also prioritizes ensuring your moral satisfaction from being with us.

This quest is not from the category easy-to-solve but we are sure you will enjoy working on finding the final answer. Our community members are too smart to give up in the face of complex tasks. So, read carefully the instructions provided below and prove that Hacken community members are the smartest individuals in the industry.

General Description of the Quest

The quest combines different methods of hiding the prize — from hiding links, QR codes, easy riddles, and basic logical tasks to different types of encryption algorithms, encodings, cryptography, steganography, and various ciphers. Finally, you’ll get a 12-word seed phrase from a crypto wallet, but in our future quests, we may add private keys, 24-word phrases, passwords to them, etc. If the quest remains unsolved for a long time, we will add up to 5 hints.

Please note that all the words from seed phrase are taken from the bip39 wordlist


Quest Details

Code RED. We have experienced a hack! Malicious actors have stolen our tokens! Luckily, hackers have left their traces and we need the smartest of you to find all 12 words of seed phrase to their wallet with 5000 $HAI.

1) Go to the website of one of our new projects. There is a message hidden in the main page source code.

2) Find what you saw in the message in “banana academy”. First word of seed is RED(-d). In order to move to the next step, find a fish in the article.

3) Find data in the envelope. To get the second word of seed, please solve this equation: A x B = 291 600.

4) To move on, find a “certified” jacket on the CEO’s Twitter page. To reveal the third word you need to cut the mining.

5) To continue you must decrypt this message: “Xlivi aew e fyk mr xli negoix. Jmrh mx. Xipp mxw gspsv.”. The key is CZ 4. You’ll get the fourth word.

6) Word #5

Block zero. Satoshi. Seventh word. (date is not a word)

7) To get the next piece of seed phrase, please answer the question: “What headdress do hackers on HackenProof wear?” You need the opposite. You’ll get two words at a time.

8) To get the 8th word, solve this task:

Base(8x8): aHR0cHM6Ly90b3hpY2xpc3QuaW8vcmVidXMvcmVidXMuaHRtbA==

9) Word #9

Bottom clothes. Singular.

10) Word #10

When did KuCoin list HAI? (month)

11) Word #11

Keep the sweet part.

12) 68747470733a2f2f736f756e64636c6f75642e636f6d2f757365722d3537353331373438382f616263 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The Hacken team strongly appreciates your motivation to take up this new challenge. Your energy and permanent demand for new opportunities motivate us to reach new heights. We are looking forward to offering new great opportunities to you. Thank you for being with us!

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