Farming Distribution Details

We are pleased to announce the start of HAPI & DDOS farming and would like to provide the oversubscribed HAI distribution details.

DDOS Oversubscription Details

We are glad to inform you that the total amount raised during the DDOS HAI round was 46,460,795.46 HAI.

  • 133 — Level 1 Members with 5% booster
  • 188 — Level 2 Members with 20% booster
  • 164 — Level 3 Members with 100% booster

The total allocation including Hacken Club Boosters is 79,291,144.92 HAI tokens (79x oversubscription).

The first unlock of 5% of the total DDOS allocation is available for claiming. Please see the instruction in the official DDOS chat.

The next and further unlocks of 10% will be available every month (on the 15th day).


We are glad to announce that the farming is starting today. The farming option valid for each Hacken Foundation project for 3 consecutive years will allow you to make more crypto with your HAI. Farming is not limited in time and is a great way to boost the Hacken Ecosystem growth to the benefit of every community member.

Farming Timeline

4 pm UTC — Farming start (DDOS and HAPI tokens will be available for farming in the HackenAI App)

4:30 pm UTC — oversubscribed DDOS tokens distribution (for those who participated NOT from HackenAI App and those who asked to return tokens back to the wallet)

4:40 pm UTC — oversubscribed DDOS tokens distribution for farming. Oversubscribed tokens will be credited to your farming smart contracts, 50% for HAPI and 50% for DDOS. Tokens may be claimed on demand. No lock-ups.

How to Farm

You need to stake your HAI tokens either on HAPI or DDOS smart contract. When HAI are staked, the farming starts. You can deposit or withdraw HAI tokens on demand. The farmed tokens may be also claimed on demand. You may find the details on Farming in the Farming section of the HackenAI App.

How to Claim Farmed Tokens

  1. Please visit Claiming will become available April 17, 4 pm UTC (24 hours after the farming starts)
  2. Connect Metamask with a similar ETH address as your HAI address
  3. Click “Sync” to add all farmed tokens for claiming
  4. Claim farmed tokens on demand. Please note that when claiming, the ETH transaction fee will be applied.


We understand that due to the so huge oversubscription during the DDOS HAI round people have received a very little allocation in the disBalancer project.

We will consider it when planning the next IDO. The whole team apologizes for the inconvenience. The next DDOS HAI round unlock of 10% will take place on May 15th. The details on the next IDO and the new recalculated HAI round rules will be announced soon!

HackenAI Support Notification

If you see “Confirm email” message in HackenAI App, please log out and log in again! Before logging out make sure you have written down your seed phrase!

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