Groundbreaking project of 2022 — disBalancer. The most powerful DDoS attack ever coming soon

4 min readMar 28, 2022

disBalancer will shake the world. The project is going to launch the most powerful DDoS attack ever recorded. You can make it stronger by buying DDOS tokens. Users will have a chance to get a special NFT medal for their active position in the cyberwar. Read the text below to find more about disBalancer’s plans and additional benefits HAI holders can get by supporting DDOS.

disBalancer has been fighting against Russia since the first days of the war via DDoS attacks. The team has developed the application Liberator allowing users to participate in DDoS attacks targeting Russian propaganda and infrastructure. As of now, >100К users have launched the app and there are >1K active users at the same time. disBalancer has already downed >200 Russian propaganda resources but it is just the beginning of cyber chaos for the aggressor.

How will disBalancer shake the market?

The project is going to launch the most powerful DDoS attack ever recorded. To this end, >100K users need to run Liberator at the same time.

According to Cloudflare, the most powerful DDoS attack to date reached a size of 2.54 Tbps. It targeted Google services.

100K active users of Liberator will result in >14Tbps attack

This power will allow Liberator to down any Russian resource. Currently, the aggressor’s cyber defense cannot address such a powerful attack.

And the base for this attack is the updated project’s website —

Updated website has a structured and easy-to-navigate interface focused on converting its viewers to Liberator users. Just click on “Download” and follow the instructions. After launching Liberator, you can keep on doing your regular activities. Just make sure that your computer is active (the program does not work in a sleeping mode).

How can everyone make Liberator even a more powerful app

You can buy the project’s token DDOS. Thereby you will fund the purchase of additional servers by the team to make Liberator’s attacks more powerful. Buying DDOS is a type of investment. You are free to sell it whenever you want but the token has a high growth potential. Cybersecurity is heavily undervalued today and cyberwar will act as an additional driver motivating companies to prioritize security.

The more DDOS tokens you buy, the bigger contribution to defeating Russia you make.

“Veteran of the First Cyber War” NFT medal

disBalancer fighters will be awarded with special NFT medals if they meet simple requirements:

  • Buy at least 1,000 DDOS tokens
  • Don’t sell them until the end of the war
  • Run Liberator as much time as only possible

Benefits for HAI holders

disBalancer will become one of the most discussed projects in 2022. Greater marketing coverage usually results in higher investment in token from the side of the global community. You can get DDOS tokens without any risks and expenses through farming in HackenAI. If you own both HAI and DDOS tokens, you can participate in LP farming with higher yield.

The more powerful DDoS attacks we launch, the faster Ukraine will win this war and the more lives will be saved. Run Liberator and spread the word about our app through all possible channels.

Thank you for supporting Hacken, our projects, and Ukraine during this difficult period. We are making history.

P.S: Why do we need to destroy the Russian propaganda machine?

People living in Russia do not know the truth about the war in Ukraine. They do not know anything about the crimes against humanity committed by Russian orks in Ukraine. Russian mothers and wives still think that their sons and husbands are participating in a special military operation that does not touch civilians. We strongly believe that upon finding some truth, people living in Russia, at least of the female gender, will try to protest against Putin’s regime while male representatives will be very afraid of becoming mobilized to the ork army.

What about the post-war period? Will disBalancer preserve its groundbreaking status?

After the end of the war, disBalancer will focus on protecting businesses against DDoS attacks. During the cyberwar, the app acts as an offensive weapon but after the victory it will perform the defense function. The demand for DDoS protection services among businesses and governments will increase significantly. As a result, the team will be able to commercialize its solution to let users earn DDOS tokens for running the app to protect clients.

100K active users is just the intermediate goal. We are focused on mass adoption, when disBalancer will be run by all groups of people such as IT specialists, students, senior citizens, housewives, teachers, office clerks, generally, every owner of a device.

About disBalancer

A decentralized cybersecurity solution that performs stress testing to identify DDoS vulnerabilities and protect projects against fraudsters.

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