Hacken 5th Anniversary: what a year, huh?

Hacken is growing rapidly, and we can’t believe it’s been 5 years since we started. Do you remember how in 2017, Steve Wozniak and Phillip Zimmerman set us off on a journey, quite symbolically, in the world’s biggest airplane? And what an incredible journey it has been!

Well, the last 12 months sure were wild and hot at the same time. We have seen everything: stablecoins collapsing, booming cryptocurrencies, new projects appearing every day, Bitcoin trading for $60k, and hackers draining wallets in real-time. So, these crazy months did show that only the most reputable brands сan thrive in extreme market conditions. But Ukrainians aren’t used to giving up. We remained cold-headed and focused on the future and made this year full of change and growth.

In August ’21, we watched Dyma explain the dangers of front-running bots at the BSC Security Summit. This was only the beginning of Hacken’s interactions with a broader crypto community: countless conferences, forums, speeches, events and meetups all around the world. The result — new partners, new alliances, new clients.

Hacken puts a lot of effort into taking care of our global talents and core fans. We grew our team by 30+ leading experts while simultaneously relocating most employees to Western Europe. We organized retreats during top crypto events, learned your opinions in Discord polls, taught you how to stay secure in web3, and read your messages. Your support has been invaluable in helping us fight bad actors both in crypto and the real world, including our cybersecurity efforts to defend Ukraine.

In April ’22, we had a closed-door event just for our team for the first time, where Dyma presented Hacken’s “Road to Billions” showing how Hacken will become a multi-billion dollar company. FYI, the full presentations of Dyma and Oleg, Hacken Marketing Director, are already public on our YouTube channel.

BTW, do you remember our migration from Telegram to Discord? It was vital, so that now we could have a far superior place for community interaction, our Discord server, where you can chat 24/7, have meaningful conversations, browse memes, learn cybersecurity tips, and earn extra money through our programs, such as recently launched Hacken social mining.

Hacken had a really prolific year: our security coverage of web3 products has expanded, and we keep evolving core products while focusing on our main goal — making Web3.0 a safer place. We are in for a long run, folks!

Looking back at our extraordinary journey, Hacken Team cannot thank you enough for being with us this entire year (not only). We’re extremely glad to have celebrated Hacken’s 5th birthday together. Thank you all for creating the festive vibe!



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