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Asia is playing a huge role in today’s crypto markets and in many ways, Asia is at the forefront of innovation in everything from exchange tokens to regulatory requirements. Dmitriy Budorin, CEO of Hacken, recently completed his 10 day business trip to Singapore and Shanghai where he attended the Invest:Asia conference. Over the course of the trip, Dmitriy participated in more than 30 meetings with potential clients, partners and investors including VeChain, Fenbushi Capital, Nova Club as well as with CEOs of various funds, projects and exchanges

Some highlights of Dmitriy’s trip include:

  • A meeting with CoinGecko in Singapore. They introduced their new TrustScore2 and discussed how it could work with CER, one of Hacken’s products focusing on cryptocurrency exchange transparency. There are plans to integrate data from CER in HackenAI.
  • Lots of meetings were held in Singapore with crypto exchanges about the public sale of HAI in the beginning of 2020.
  • An extremely fruitful meeting with the VeChain Foundation in Shanghai.
  • Made a live appearance on, media segment of one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency and blockchain focused news website.

Throughout the trip, the focus was on Hacken’s new direction with HackenAI. In many conversations, the HackenAI concept has been well received by numerous important stakeholders in the industry, be it with traditional finance and investment sector, and also the blockchain world. With increasing hacking and cybersecurity incidents in recent years, we see a gap in the market and also consumer demand for a more comprehensive cybersecurity assistant and we are confident that HackenAI would be mass adopted by the public.

HackenAI is a revolutionary, 360° cybersecurity companion product that incentivises users to learn good cybersecurity habits. Powered by the native HAI cryptoasset token, it offers educational assistance to day-to-day internet and crypto users to prevent bad actors from compromising their portfolio, while also offering post-crisis assistance in the event that their portfolio is hacked.

HackenAI provides an assessment of the security of your crypto wallet, web browsing habits, and many other features. Even if somebody does not have any crypto assets it will be of use to them, because it will provide them with best security practices and alert them if their personal information is stolen.

Although the entire Hacken team is very excited about the trip, we cannot disclose too many details at this time, due to the new NDA agreements. All of the meetings and the trip itself were extremely productive, the stage is set for HAI to go public early next year and the Hacken community can expect more good news in the near future.

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