Hacken audits and HackenProof bug bounty programs are now integrated into CoinGecko

Hacken is delivering cybersecurity to the masses. From now on, Hacken audits and bug bounty programs run by projects on HackenProof are integrated into their CoinGecko pages in the “Security” section.

Security is among the main criteria considered by users when making an investment decision. By viewing Hacken audit reports or finding the information regarding bug bounty programs run by a project, a user can realize whether a project contributes enough efforts and resources to security. Only those projects that can secure users’ assets and data deserve to get investments.

Why does it matter for Hacken?

CoinGecko is one of the most trusted and visited data aggregators in the blockchain world. The integration of our security reports and bug bounty programs into CoinGecko is the confirmation of our leading status in the Web 3.0 cybersecurity market. It will also have a positive impact on our reputation and brand recognition. Upon seeing the logo of Hacken in the security section of the CoinGecko page of the project of their interest, some users will likely try to find more information about our company and may consider joining our community. Thus, the attention to our brand is likely to increase significantly.

Also, the projects that have not passed security testing yet, may consider contacting Hacken since the confirmation of their high security status may have a crucial impact on converting a visitor of their CoinGecko page into their investor.

Thus, from both B2B and B2C points of view, the integration of our audits and bug bounty programs into GoinGecko is a strategic achievement for Hacken.

This integration confirms our statement that cybersecurity is the digital healthcare. Further increase in the importance of cybersecurity is inevitable.

We are moving towards reaching our main goal — getting a 20% share in the Web 3.0 cybersecurity market by 2024.

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