Hacken CEO Dmitriy Budorin and other team members visit Singapore and attends Blockshow Asia 2019 conference to promote and discuss the use cases and importance of HackenAI.

Hacken CEO Dmitriy Budorin opening the security privacy trek at Blockshow Asia 2019

Recently, Hacken CEO, Dmitriy Budorin, and other Hacken team members attended the Blockshow Asia 2019 conference in Singapore. Aside from Blockshow Asia, Hacken also had a jam-packed schedule to fully utilize our time spent overseas in Singapore, including attending interviews, competitions, moderating conference panels, meeting with investors interested in HackenAI and more. We have covered the reasons for this Singapore tour in our previous article.

Our tour to Singapore was very fruitful, with the entire week being action packed for the Hacken team with plenty of progress made for our roadmap as well as the HackenAI platform and ecosystem. Below is a description of all the events Hacken team members participated in.

On Monday, November 11, Hacken CTO, Andrii Matiukhin, participated in a fintech event festival where he had a very productive meeting with IBM. The topics of discussion included blockchain security among others. The following day, November 12, was just as intense with Hacken CEO, Dmitriy Budorin and Pavel Radchuk, Blockhain Security Lead, attended The Capital CoinMarketCap (CMC) global conference in Singapore, where they shared a booth with Vechain. At this conference, CMC unveiled their partnership with VeChain. The continued adoption of VeChain by prominent enterprises and companies further reinforces our decision to migrate our platform onto the VeChain blockchain.

On Wednesday, November 13, the day was dedicated entirely to meetings involving various exchanges regarding the listing of HackenAI. The meetings also included investors interested in the HackenAI private sale and with market makers as well. Also, there was a strategic meeting between Hacken and Fenbushi Digital, an investor in Hacken. HackenAI was a focal point of the meeting.

Aside from the events above, Hacken also met with the VeChain Foundation, where we had a meeting with VeChain CEO Sunny Lu.

VeChain CEO, Sunny Lu and Hacken CEO, Dmitriy Budorin

These meetings were very important for many reasons:

  1. They further solidified the belief that there is a market demand for HackenAI, as evidenced by the expression of interest by various investment funds and companies.
  2. It was important to meet with Sunny Lu, CEO of VeChain and the rest of the VeChain team. They gave us some valuable ideas and insights for the overall development of HackenAI.
  3. A mutual agreement was reached with VeChain on the advancement of the HackenAI ecosystem.

On the following day, November 14, Dmitriy Budorin opened the security privacy trek and presented the Hack report at the Blockshow Asia 2019 conference. The report included statistics on hacking attacks such as the 4.78 billion malware attacks that were recorded in the first half of 2019 alone and other interesting data involving phishing attacks. Some use cases of attacks prevented by Hacken experts were also presented.

In addition to presenting the Hack report, Dmitriy also moderated a panel discussion about crypto defender alliance (CDA) and Pavel Radchuk, Blockchain Security Lead, moderated a discussion about blockchain security. This is the first time industry leaders gathered together to discuss the next most pressing cybersecurity issues.

Dmitriy Budorin and Blockchain Security Lead, Pavel Radchuk moderating CDA and blockchain security panels

At the Blockshow, Hacken had its own booth, where a lot of meetings and discussions were held with various investors and other companies. Dmitriy Budorin’s presentation of HackenAI at the Blockshow startup competition ranked in the top six overall which gained us a lot of positive attention. Later that evening, he participated in the Exchanges Meetup, a VIP afterparty, where Dimitriy took the opportunity to promote the HackenAI ecosystem and token.

Dmitriy Budorin and Pavel Radchuk speaking at Crypto DeFiance Meetup

Even as the week was winding down, more action continued to follow with Dmitriy Budorin giving an interview to the Cointelegraph (from 14:40) on Friday, November 15. Among the topics that were discussed were personal cybersecurity issues and HackenAI. The week finally came to a close with Dmitriy Budorin participating in the Crypto DeFiance Meetup on November 16. At this meetup, Dmitriy Budorin and Pavel Radchuk gave a speech about security and protecting exchanges from black hat hackers.

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HackenAI is an all inclusive solution for cyber-security protection.The platform is entirely powered by the HAI token. HAI is a VIP180 token that is minted on the VeChainThor Blockchain. It’s an extension of the old HKN token and is a utility token used to fuel all activities performed within the HackenAI Platform. Protection for users is driven by carefully thought out tokenomics to ensure proper cyber security for all users, being integrated directly into the services offered by the HackenAI platform.

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