Hacken CEO Letter: great history of the great company

4 min readAug 2, 2021

A Letter from a Hacken community member,

Hacken is 4 years old today. Together we have achieved a lot and learned many important lessons.

Here is a brief overview of our extraordinary 4-year journey:

Hacken’s biggest achievement and the main driving force is our community. Together we have passed many ups and downs. It will always remain our key stakeholder.

Life is dynamic, it is like a river flow. If you swim slower than the stream, you will move down. Hacken is all about swimming up.

Today we would like to present our community development roadmap for the next year.

Hacken DNA and the Community

I want to underline, there is no difference between Hacken core team and Hacken community. Hacken DNA applies to all people who work and follow our projects.

When researching different organisation’s ethical and cultural guides, we can find lots of pathos: transparency, accountability, integrity, professional behaviour, and competence. It’s Hacken philosophy! We ask ourselves, what is Hacken culture and DNA? What makes us different from other communities? What is unique in Hacken and its community?

The past four years have proved the great importance of these key Hacken DNA characteristics for our survival and development. We will keep on following them in the future.

1. Hacking

A hack is a shortcut to achieve your target. To hack does not necessarily mean hacking software. Hacking applies to all crypto communities and their members. We are all hacking the global financial system.

Hacking will always remain the number one element of Hacken DNA. We will DDOS scammers. We will further hack marketing campaigns. HAPI is really cool, isn’t it?. We will find shortcuts to the top of Coingecko chart.

2. Never give up

My favourite. Hacken had a difficult period. In 2019 we shrunk the core team from 70 to 12 people. We went through stress in April 2020 at OceanEx HAI debut. Through it all, I have never had a thought to give up. For me Hacken is a lifetime journey, every year we become stronger!

3. Courage and conscience

We started reporting fake volumes in summer 2018. Many people told me it was a stupid idea. They said, you would only find enemies. Today I am having a deja vu with ToxicList. The reality is that fake volume reports lead us to CMC and Coingecko partnerships. Today the ToxicList initiative is collecting massive amounts of extremely valuable data. Just imagine its contribution for us in the future.

We have courage to pinpoint bad actions even from the side of our partners. Today we are big enough to whistleblow on shady actors. We are afraid of one thing only, to disappoint Hacken’s community. This is our heart.

4. Knowledge sharing mission

We have only started our journey in this direction. We see great opportunities ahead. We educate our users through CyberBootCamp. Soon Hacken will become the place to share and find cybercrime news and the insights on how to stay safe.

Follow the Hacken channel to be aware of recent cybersec issues.

Hacken chat will become the go to place for someone in trouble or if you just want to have some beer time with likeminded individuals from worldwide.

Worldwide life hacking tips are welcome. If you have discovered an efficient diet, a way to find attractive real estate properties in Indonesia, or a fast way to hook in Tinder,discuss it with Hacken community.

5. HAI token price

Let’s be honest. This point probably unites us the most. We all want HAI to be priced at 4.20 USD. We can accelerate the road to this goal by following the same agenda:

  • Share Hacken products and achievements with outsiders
  • Generate and execute new ideas to make Hacken stronger
  • Be active in our community

The price is the result of the impact of two main factors:

  • The quality of our products, business sustainability, and the B2B cooperation network — Hacken core team job
  • Size and activities of the Hacken community — our joint task


The introduction of the Hacken Foundation has made a significant step in building utility for HAI. This has required our strong attention. The 5th year of Hacken will be the year of our Family and our community.

From right now, this is my personal challenge.

Your community member, Dyma Budorin.

Follow Hacken on our media channels:

Hacken Club Twitter: https://twitter.com/hackenclub
Hacken Club Telegram: https://t.me/hackenclub
Hacken Club Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/hacken/
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