Hacken Club Ecosystem Community Update — July 2020

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When we announced Hacken Club, we at Hacken envisioned a unified cybersecurity ecosystem and community. Our philosophy and goal was simple — to ensure the cyber world is safer and free of malicious and unethical hackers.

With the formation of Hacken Club, we integrated and unified every aspect of our Hacken B2B and B2C offerings, including our industry leading CER.live certification standards, HackenAI cybersecurity application, and more.

This integration extends to our native crypto asset, the HAI token. Currently tradable on Bitrue and OceanEx exchange, the Hacken Club will place HAI token at front and centre of our direction moving forward, giving even more value and increasing the demand of the token.

In this article, we would like to update you on all the great achievements in July 2020! There are also new and exciting things to go through and plenty of news to look forward to from the team in the upcoming months.

Hacken Club Ecosystem Overview

First off, we are introducing the Hacken Ecosystem Map! This map is designed to provide you with a better understanding of how the different products and services in Hacken is linked to our Hacken Club Ecosystem.

The unification of our products and services will ensure that even more value for our stakeholders and HAI token is created. Take a closer look at the image to learn more about the ecosystem, and you may even find some interesting information previously unannounced!

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Link to the full-size picture

Hacken B2B Updates

Our CoinGecko partnership and the integration of our CER.live rankings into CoinGecko was a key milestone reached by the Hacken team in July 2020. You can read the official announcement here.

”With Hacken’s expert help in evaluating exchanges’ cybersecurity practices, we aim to bring awareness on the urgent need to improve cybersecurity and protect user funds through the abolition of unsafe cybersecurity practices,” said TM Lee, Co-Founder of CoinGecko

So far, the partnership has opened a lot of new doors, advancing our main mission which is to cleanse the crypto industry of unethical and malicious actors.

Developing CER.live is our current main priority on the B2B side. In addition to CER.live, the team is also currently working on a framework to help us perform risk assessments on exchanges.

This framework will allow us to start a series of investigations that will reveal which exchanges are at risk of insolvency. Addition of this framework to the growing arsenal of Hacken tools allows us to further advance our mission together with the crypto community, protecting users from shady exchanges and dodgy business practices.

Clients In July 2020

The adoption of Hacken’s CER by CoinGecko has directly led to industry leaders in the blockchain industry to approach and express interest in Hacken’s offerings. We have seen significant growth for Hacken B2B service requests in recent months through actively raising awareness of bug bounty importance to protect clients’ funds and the CoinGecko integration.

The Gate.io & Coingecko bug bounty programs were launched in July 2020 on the Hackenproof Bug Bounty Platform. The initial programs have provided the needed momentum leading to talks with a variety of other crypto projects and exchanges to provide them with Hacken’s unique services.

We are hard at work to integrate our B2B services with the HAI token and ensure that B2B growth will directly benefit our token holders and Club members. The team is looking forward to sharing more on our B2B updates as we progress through these exciting times ahead together with our community!

Development of HackenAI Continues

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After the first version of HackenAI release, we received hundreds of valuable feedback on the application user experience which we are very thankful for. Gathering feedback helps us to understand the main value of HackenAI and areas to further improve on.

Based on feedback provided, we have decided to update the HackenAI development roadmap to better align with the community responses. We are currently focusing on polishing and improving our existing tools and features, while we work on our new offerings and features in the background.

For the next few months, HackenAI development will continue extensively. The main areas of our development focus would be:

  • Enhanced NFT gamification to further reward users
  • Drastically increase the daily usage of the application through our integrated 2FA tool.
  • Further improve our DarkNet Monitoring tool and landing page so we can use it as a marketing tool to attract new users.

With the HAI token both featured prominently in our HackenAI app as well as our current ongoing efforts to directly integrate the Hacken B2B ecosystem with it, we are confident that the value proposition of HAI tokens will go up in our new direction.

Hacken Club Membership and HAI token

As communicated in Q2, tomorrow on August 1st the Hacken Club membership price increases will double.

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If you haven’t bought a Hacken Club Membership yet, you have one day left to buy it at the lower rate. Don’t miss your last chance to acquire club membership at a discount price!

HKN to HAI Token Swap

As of today around 42% of HKN tokens were swapped into HAI. The current HKN swap rate will remain as-is for another 1 month.

In order to eliminate uncertainties for the Hacken Club community we are going to change the HKN swap process on 31 August 2020.

Starting from 1st September HKN can be swapped to HAI at a fixed rate of 1:20 with the lock-up option of 1 year or 1:10 with no lock-up. We expect that such an important step will have a strong effect for building up value for the HAI token.

HKN Token Swap Bug

As previously communicated, some Hacken community members experienced a bug during their HKN swap to HAI. The bug has duplicated the amount of HAI they received. We are very proud that our community members showed the highest standards of ethics and sent back doubled amounts.

We made a decision to remunerate those community members with one time 500 USD bounty in HAI equivalent and special “Ethical Hacker” tag in the Hacken Club!

Lost Seed Phrases for Hacken Club Membership Holders

The HackenAI application is built in a way that only users have access to their seed phrase and can recover their funds. Improper storage of backup seed phrases creates a high risk to lose your digital assets.

Unfortunately a few Hacken Club Members already experienced a big lifetime lesson by losing their access to the HackenAI application and the HAI wallet.

We have made the decision to support Hacken Club Memberships that have genuinely lost access to their wallets and coins stored in the HackenAI application, due to technical errors or other unforeseen circumstances.

For only Hacken Club membership holders, we will assess such cases on an individual basis, please contact us if you have lost access to your wallets.

What’s Next for Hacken and HAI?

In July 2020, we started a series of fireside chats with crypto and cybersecurity industry leaders. Those who missed the first episode with Bobby Ong, COO at Coingecko please feel to read the recap here!

We are further planning for two fireside chats in August 2020 with valuable prizes planned for our active community members.

In addition, there were several competitions and bounty campaigns that will allow the most active community members increase their HAI stake:

  • DarkNet competitions
  • New HackenAI application referral competitions
  • Trading competitions
  • Crypto Exchanges DYOR bounty

After this Community Update, we are planning a series of articles that will reveal our plans to boost the value of HAI token even more.

Lots of exciting news will be revealed and announced soon. We will deliver a frequently requested implementation of our tokenomics incentives, so make sure to follow our social media channels such as Telegram and Twitter to stay updated!

Your Feedback Is Very Valuable To Us!

We hope that with this community update, our Hacken Club and HAI token holders are in sync with the Hacken team on where our direction is heading. We are really excited about everything that’s been going on here, and we can’t wait to show you more.

In order to improve the Hacken Club, we have created a survey to learn more about our Hacken Club Members and what we can do to improve the Hacken Club. We encourage everyone to fill in the feedback form. Out of all submissions received we will randomly select one person to receive 100 USD worth of HAI and 5 users to receive 20 USD equivalent in HAI.

Feedback form: https://forms.gle/kTMmCsGk8h2WkzGf6

Follow us on our social channels:

Hacken Club Twitter: https://twitter.com/hackenclub

CER.live Twitter: https://twitter.com/cer_live

Hacken Club Telegram: https://t.me/hackenclub

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