Hacken Foundation Website Update: greater functionality for our Community

3 min readNov 17, 2021


Hacken team is pleased to share the great news with our community. We have released the long-awaited update of the Hacken Foundation website. We have introduced 2 important changes aimed at facilitating your interaction with the Hacken Foundation ecosystem and promoting the mass adoption of HAI. These changes are the result of complex work performed by our development team and are based on the feedback provided by the community.

What’s new?

Integration of Simplex widget — buy HAI via fiat in a few clicks

As you know, one of the main priorities of Hacken is to make our token HAI a highly accessible and functional virtual asset for the global crypto community. Crypto enthusiasts are interested in buying a token of their interest in a few clicks and many of them want to use fiat money to this end.

So…as you may guess, from now on, you will be able to buy HAI with your credit/debit cards on the Hacken Foundation website. Earlier this year, we announced the possibility to buy HAI on particular exchanges via your credit/debit cards through our integration with Simplex. Now you can easily perform this transaction on the Hacken Foundation website without the need to be registered on particular exchanges. There will be a special Simplex widget on the HAI token page.

How to buy HAI via fiat using Simplex widget

  1. Specify the amount of HAI you want to buy
  2. Enter your VeChain wallet address
  3. Provide your card and personal details
  4. Accept Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy
  5. The transaction will be processed after verification
  6. Ready

The possibility to buy HAI on the Hacken Foundation website via debit/credit cards is a fundamental step towards real mass adoption of Hacken token since this step will facilitate the interaction of users with the Hacken Ecosystem and will make HAI a more functional and convenient investment instrument for our community.

Separate page for Hacken Foundation projects

But it’s only one of the changes we would like to share with you. Hacken Foundation ecosystem is rapidly expanding and our community is strongly interested in seeing all key information and figures about its projects (as of now, HAPI, disBalancer, PureFi, and ArtWallet) in a structured and easy-to-read form and in a single place. Now there is a special page devoted solely to Hacken Foundation projects.

So, from now on, you will be able to view all info about Hacken Foundation projects including addresses, current token performance, tokenomics and farming details, and projects’ social media pages on a separate page. All information provided on this page of the Hacken Foundation website is up-to-date.

Look at the picture below to see what information about each project you will be able to find on a new page (for example, about ArtWallet).

The new page is a strong confirmation of our focus on saving your time and making your interaction with the Hacken Foundation ecosystem as convenient as possible.

Enjoy using updated websites. All our work is aimed at improving your user experience and ensuring your ultimate satisfaction with being a part of the Hacken great community.

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