Hacken Foundation & Weld — Strategic Partnership to Bridge Traditional Finances and Crypto World

Hacken Foundation continues building strong relationships with the projects changing the landscape of the global financial world. We are pleased to introduce our new strategic partner — Weld, the project promoting the mass adoption of crypto by allowing users to pay for goods and services in crypto by integrating their virtual assets wallets into traditional finances in a real-time manner. Generally, Weld develops a payment solution that is connected to users’ crypto wallets. The solution blocks the specified amount of crypto and then a bank is processing the transaction from overdraft balance to pay for daily expenses. After that Weld repays overdraft to a bank.

Weld has already established cooperations with the exchanges covering >70% of the crypto world such as Bitfinex, Huobi, Binance, EXMO, Coinbase, and others. Also, this project has entered into a strategic partnership with Bank for Investments and Savings, the Ukrainian banking institution licensed by the National Bank of Ukraine. That is why we can say for sure that Weld is a trusted project with very ambitious goals.

We realize that users are interested in working with highly functional instruments. Cryptocurrencies have stopped being simply investment instruments or speculative assets. Now users want to use virtual assets in their daily lives. And the company Weld is focused on meeting this need of users. We are looking forward to assisting this great project in bringing crypto to the masses. The team behind Weld are great leaders and real professionals in their respective fields, Hacken team can get very useful insights and new skills by working with this project.

Hacken CEO Dyma Budorin considers this new strategic partnership as a great beginning of Autumn 2021 for Hacken: “Today, dozens or even hundreds of projects work with cryptocurrencies. However, only a few of them clearly realize how to make these assets work for people, for their convenience. I want to see HAI as an easy-to-use investment and payment instrument in the hands of common people. The recent regulatory changes in Ukraine have shown us that this goal is achievable. So, together with Weld we can promote mass adoption of cryptocurrencies in Ukraine and, generally, worldwide”.

Security is the basis of the entire digital world! Therefore, we are very pleased to partner with Hacken Foundation — the top company in this field! Comment by Alexey Meretskiy, co-founder of Weld Money

The importance of this new strategic partnership for Hacken cannot be underestimated. That is why we would like to share with you more details about this partnership during the special AMA session that will take place on 17 September at 2 p.m. (UTC).

Voice AMA session will take place in the Hacken Club Telegram group.

We will soon share with you many interesting updates. Please monitor our announcements. Great events are coming! This strategic partnership may allow us to make a super jump towards reaching our goals for 2021.

About Weld

Weld — All digital assets payment provider!

Weld issues VISA / Mastercard cards that are directly plugged into your crypto wallet on any exchange. You go and pay through Apple/Google Pay in any store or on the Internet, bank debits fiat overdraft, and the crypto seamlessly goes from your account to Weld on the same exchange. There is no blockchain transaction fee, no need to top-up the card in advance. Weld Money is the first crypto card service that managed to negotiate with banks and regulators and can provide services in the CIS region.

The issue of utility tokens is limited to 250 million, a buyback system is provided when 10% of the company’s profit from processing is directed to the buyback of tokens. This deflationary model of WELD token is taken from the success of BNB. In addition, the token is required for users to purchase premium cards, increase monthly limits, and reduce transaction fees via tokens staking.

About Hacken Foundation

Hacken Foundation is the startup accelerator platform that gives a boost to innovative projects developing promising cybersecurity solutions for individual and corporate clients. Hacken Foundation functions under the business model cultivated by Amazon. 4 promising projects have been already launched with the Hacken Foundation platform:

  • HAPI: on-chain cybersecurity protocol preventing both centralized and decentralized exchanges from being involved in money laundering practices.
  • disBalancer: innovative solution with a network architecture aimed at making businesses resistant to DDoS attacks by utilizing the free computing power and bandwidth of users’ devices.
  • PureFi: the one-stop compliance protocol that will serve the needs of the DeFi market players by functioning as a full-cycle solution for crypto asset analytics and AML/KYC procedures.
  • ArtWallet: smart&Secure NFT App for Artists, the 21st-century version of iTunes and Spotify via NFTs. ArtWallet is solving the real challenges existing in the market including security threats, privacy and integration issues, and environmental impact of NFTs.

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