Hacken has been appointed as a full scope auditor for Re:water!

The core idea of Re:water is to unite all cryptocurrencies and their communities in a fair and transparent economic cycle. Re:water will give a second and probably last chance to thousands of cryptocurrencies to become a liquid instrument in the hands of investors. Re:water will be launched through a liquidity generation event that will be open to all cryptocurrencies.

Although Re:water is going to become one of the biggest initiatives launched in the crypto world, not all cryptocurrencies will be able to participate since the speed of reaction will be the key factor determining project’s participation. Industry demand for this initiative is very high, supply will be limited (the first round is equivalent to 160 mln USD), so projects should hurry up! Also, not all specific crypto investors will be fast enough to swap their tokens to WTR coins due to individual max limits for every token.

Key facts to remember from this first article

  • 90% of WTR coins will be in the cloud (undistributed)
  • 90% of raised cryptocurrencies will be locked in Water DEX

The role of Hacken

Re:water starting point is a 9-digit initial market cap. Crypto industry is slowly entering the stage when only a smart contract audit cannot ensure investors’ confidence in the project’s security.

Hacken role will be the following:

  1. Escrow and security agent for the raised funds
  2. Re:water blockchain infrastructure auditor
  3. Full scope auditor of tokenomics and WTR coins distribution
  4. Re:water digital landscape (mobile and web applications, liquidity generation event) security partner
  5. Native Water DEX operator

Water DEX will be powered by HAI.

That’s all for now. Liquidity Metaverse is emerging today!

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More info will be released in portions. Take a first look at Re:water here

Your Hacken CEO,

Dyma Budorin

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