Hacken is to become a leader of Web 3.0 cybersecurity. How? We shared the answer with Gate.io Turkey

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Hacken unites blockchain cybersecurity enthusiasts worldwide. One of our biggest communities is from Turkey and this community is rapidly growing. Thanks to our Turkish community, our CEO Dyma Budorin had a chance to speak with the Turkish community of Gate.io in Gate.io Turkey TG channel.

Dyma shared basic information about Hacken as well as valuable insights into Hacken’s plans for the future. Read this recap to learn more about how Hacken will reach its main goal — becoming a leader in the Web 3.0 cybersecurity market.


What is Hacken? What makes Hacken unique in the market?

Hacken is one of the leaders in blockchain security today. We started as a small startup in 2017 and today we are the number 1 crypto exchange security provider by market share. Today, the crypto market is dominated by blockchain protocols. People are investing in ecosystems that compete with Ethereum. This phase of the market will last to the point where it will be a challenge to build cross blockchain ecosystems and solutions. Hacken today is a sustainable profitable company investing in the security Web 3.0 layer. If you compare the Web 3.0 industry with the traditional Web 2.0, you can see many cybersecurity giants, whose services are heavily used by the majority of industry players. Hacken’s focus is to be such a Web 3.0 giant. Just wanted to share, here is an article from Hacken 2022 strategy on the size of Web 2.0 cyber companies.

What does the name “Hacken” mean? And where did your name come from?

Hacker+Token = Hacken

What services do you provide to customers?

For corporate customers we offer:

  • Smart contracts, data, and DeFi protocol controls
  • Blockchains layer 1 code review
  • Mobile, web, and products pentest
  • Bug bounty on Hackenproof.com
  • DDoS stres testing disbalancer.com
  • Phishing prevention solutions

Our clients are Gate.io, FTX, CoinGecko, Huobi, KuCoin, Vechain, Avalanche, and many more.

Hacken is one of the 2–3 strongest options on the market. So how will you succeed in becoming the market leader? What are your competitive advantages?

Regarding crypto projects audit, I am sure we will see audit report quality race. We are planning to expand the current procedures. It will give more assurance to individual investors. I believe Token supply audit is very important for individual investors to know. The procurement audit report will soon become the key financial statement on which investors will base their decisions.

Why Web 3.0 cybersecurity? Is there great growth potential?

Today, the blockchain security market is around $150 million a year. We expect it to grow to $1 billion very quickly. We are basically talking about security layer 3 of blockchain ecosystems. There are no effective preventive and detective cybersecurity solutions that are widely used by the majority of the blockchain ecosystem.

So what would you like to say about your token? What is its functionality?

Today tokens are like shares of publicly traded companies, but with much greater flexibility and utilities. Apart from B2B utilities for our services, we continually value our community members in the form of B2C applications like hVPN, hPass, and HackenAI. And we launched HAPI.one, disBalancer.com, OneArt.io, and PureFi.io in 2021 through private tours of our customers, partners, and side projects. All of them made a profit for HAI investors. Another headline example was the community tour for the LSS token that returned x100 to our community members. In 2022 we are planning to develop new utilities based on both B2B and B2C. This will have a positive impact on our growing ecosystem. For example, the new risk-free HAI tool was first presented at the Avalanche summit last week and it will be released very soon.

What’s special about Hacken: How to make sure a project is safe?

Obviously, smart contract auditing is not enough to reassure project security. In the future, there will be many more tools including the ones protecting from rug pulls. They’re all coming and we’re working on it. For now, I recommend you follow our other project, CER.live. Soon there will be a major release of the security rating of top 1,500 cryptocurrencies (according to CoinGecko). Our goal is to make it an industry standard to check CER.live or integrated data before making an investment decision. Spoiler — the major share of projects are currently badly secure.

Last year Hacken announced working relationships with top exchanges such as FTX, Huobi, etc. Why aren’t these CEXes listing Hacken? Is it hard to be listed or Hacken himself does not want it?

I strongly believe that listing on the exchange is not a good idea for the community when they want 1–2 million usd as tokens. But that doesn’t mean we are not planning. Our vision is that we need to grow the community 3–4 times from now and then list on these exchanges. I expect new listings soon. But right now I cannot disclose details.

How does Hacken address possible critical uncertainties? Such as sudden price drops.

We recently bought back 5 million HAI tokens. After the start of the war there was a price drop caused by the exit of some investors. These 5 million will be burned soon.

Are associate members active players in the decision-making process in Hackenomics? How are members involved in the process? Something like VeVote?

My goal is to unite stock and token holders under one roof. It will definitely happen when there are credible legal frameworks. For now, our plan is to allocate a certain amount of HAI to the partner DAO. And let them decide what to do — create a staking mechanism, invest in liquidity, or invest in other tokens. It is definitely coming.

Antivirus / VPN etc. via HackenAI. Can we use $HAI Tokens to purchase services?

We will increase our B2C benefits through partnerships with other companies. It means that Hacken lv1-lv3 members will have access to certain premium B2C cybersecurity products. Hacken’s main idea is to educate and protect our HAI holders.

Are there any new partnerships and interesting upcoming use cases?

Yup. The Avalanche summit was very productive. I had very good conversations with some top people in the industry. I expect a new great partnership in 2–4 months.

You are a Ukrainian company. Do you digitally defend Ukraine?

Yes, but we don’t just defend. We also attack Russian propaganda that supports the supply chain of the Russian military. We coordinate more than 50 thousand DDoS ​​army. And more than 70 ethical hackers are investigating critical vulnerabilities in the Russian and Ukrainian internet on Hackenproof.com. There is no doubt that Ukraine is winning this war. In the meantime anyone can help us by joining disbalancer.com. Anyone who helps will get NFT and physical medals after our victory.

Our defense program was supported by the other two largest communities of Hackerone and Bugcrowd. We get reports every day. I wish I could tell you all the success cases, but I can’t. We’ve been involved in most of the hacks you’ve seen.

Recap end.

Great thanks to Hacken Turkey for the organization of this AMA session. And great thanks to Gate.io Turkey for your involvement. Let’s further promote friendly relationships between our regional communities and the communities of other leading industry players worldwide.

The Hacken team is looking forward to seeing the whole blockchain community united by the vision to make Web 3.0 a safe place.

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