Hacken Releases a Full Roadmap for the Remainder of 2020 — Big Things are Coming

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At Hacken, we strongly stand on our principles and promises. We know all our commitments made to our community and will try to deliver all of them by the end of 2020.

What has already been done

Utility 1

In advance of Black Friday, HackenProof launched a special offer for cryptocurrency exchanges that provided for a 50% discount on the run of the Bug Bounty Program. The special offer is valid from November 23 and will last a week.

Utility 2

The specialist cybersecurity team at Hacken has launched WIRA, a breakthrough Web Infrastructure Risk Assessment Product that intelligently safeguards websites against nearly 7,000 online threats. According to the latest figures, on average, 2,244 online attacks take place every day — that’s around one attack every 39 seconds.


The Hacken team, along with the leaders of the blockchain industry including Binance and Bitfury, has participated in the educational series called “All about blockchain, bitcoin, and cryptocurrencies”.

Commitments in the pipeline:


An upcoming series of integrations with top crypto influencers bringing awareness of HAI tokens and raising the prestige of the Hacken Brand.


We expect some great cooperation with leading blockchain companies. The Hacken B2B team succeeds in selling our corporate services.


Hacken is going on the government level. A big announcement will be made soon.


Our team is improving the company’s organizational structure. Wait for new announcements!


At the core of our work is our community. We are constantly looking into new ways to give back to our community. We are looking forward to sharing new ways that increase the utility and demand for the Hacken token (HAI).


The upcoming huge release of the oracle integration with the TOP provider for one of Hacken’s products!


New release of the HackenAI App. The new release will bring new features to the application and an update to the user interface.


Hacken CEO, Dima Budorin is going to participate in one of the biggest crypto conferences as a headliner.


Series of cybersecurity deep tech researches conducted by Hacken’s experts. Some great new topics will come by the end of this year.


By the end of 2020, we expect to release the long term roadmap for the next few years. Wait for it, you will see a lot of interesting stuff!


A huge upcoming release of CER live. Many new features related to the security of all crypto industries will be released.

Utility 3

The most exciting release of the NEW PRODUCT! Something that our community has been waiting for the last year.

You can find the full list on our main website https://hacken.io

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