Hacken to distribute Hardware Security Devices to all Hacken Club Members for free

We have an amazing announcement to all Hacken Club Members (1–4 level). We have partnered up with Hideez. Hideez provides FIDO Security Keys that are phishing-resistant and support the U2F and FIDO2 protocols.

By partnering with Hideez, each Hacken Club Member will get our exclusive Hacken hardware Security Key!

This distribution will instantly allow our Hacken Club members to have access to advanced personal cybersecurity technologies. All Hacken Club members will get the Hacken Key, which will be completely free of charge (ex.delivery costs).


Hacken Key Features

Secure Password Vault

Store all the passwords you need in one place, separate from your devices. Automatic logins included. No additional plug-ins needed. Simple, secure password management.

Multi-functional security key

Generates and saves passwords, proximity lock/unlock for your PC, backs-up securely. Generates single-use passwords with two-factor authentication for the ultimate security.

Electronic key

Use the Hacken Key as an electronic key to access your office, home, and gym. Copy your existing key to Hacken for more space in your pocket. RFID sensor included for extra security. Note: Hacken Key can store only one RFID at a time.

Video tutorial on how to use the Hacken Key with Binance

In the following video our CEO Dyma will walk you through all steps to safely login to cryptocurrency exchange Binance using the Hacken Key.


How to get Hacken Key

  1. You need to be Hacken Club Member at least 1st level. More on the Hacken Club membership requirements can be found here: https://medium.com/@hackenclub/introducing-hacken-club-our-unified-community-for-cybersecurity-enthusiasts-d90c1fc8d695
  2. You need to fill the form, including the email address used in the HackenAI App. And enter your valid address including ZIP. Please type your valid email address, you will need to confirm it later. Hacken Hardware Key request form for Hacken Club members: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeAkYpIVF8gIHs3T1DC8CxpZnymqWEHNOo9dGiptvdCRTy6SA/viewform

The requests for the first distribution are accepted until the 31st of August 2020. If you are not Hacken Club Member you still have 4 days to get it! Hacken Keys are distributed for free to all Hacken Club Members.

Please note: the delivery cost is paid by the recipient.

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