Hacken to present HackenAI at the Blockshow Asia 2019

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Hacken’s CEO, Dmitriy Budorin, will participate in the upcoming Blockshow Asia 2019 Conference. Blockshow is a flagship event of the blockchain industry.

Representatives from businesses of all sizes, ranging from startups to large corporations, will meet up in Singapore on November 14–15 to present new products and ideas. The event will feature representatives such as Binance, Monetary Authority Singapore, Fenbushi Capital, PwC Singapore and many others. Dmitriy’s schedule during the Conference will be packed with meetings, panel discussions and presentations of Hacken’s latest HackenAI platform.

Hacken is proud to be the Ecosystem Partner for Blockshow Asia 2019 and will use the opportunity to advertise HackenAI and will connect and network with these renowned participants during the conference.

Hacken’s agenda

This upcoming Monday, Dmitriy will participate in Fintech Festival where he will meet with both non-blockchain B2B clients and cybersecurity partners at the VeChain meetup. On Tuesday, November 12, Dmitriy will participate in The Capital by CoinMarketCap Conference and work from the VeChain booth. In the evening you will be able to find him at the Binance meetup at this location. Wednesday will mark the closing date of the The Captital Conference and, in the evening there will be a speakers’ dinner in which Dmitriy will also participate.

Thursday, November 14, will be a very action packed day for Hacken since it is the first day of the Blockshow. The schedule for Thursday will be as follows:

  • At 2 p.m. Dmitriy will present some opening remarks for the Blockshow Asia 2019 conference, as well as disclosing and summarizing Hacken’s report on Cybersecurity 2019 in numbers, covering 3–5 examples of the biggest hacks and incidents.
  • At 2:35 p.m. Dmitriy will moderate the Crypto Defenders Alliance — Collective Guard Against Fraud panel. Participants will include Marina Khaustova, CEO of Crystal Blockchain Analytics, Ulisse Dell’Orto, Managing Director, APAC, at Chainanalysis and Mike Cowans, Regional Director, APAC, at CipherTrace.
  • At 3:45 Hacken’s Blockchain Security Lead, Pavel Radchuk, will moderate the Fortifying Blockchains & Crypto: Filling the vulnerable gaps. Participants will include Daryl Hok, EVP and COO at CertiK, Liz Steininger, CEO and Managing Director at Least Authority and Pavel Pokrovsky, Blockchain Security Team Manager at Kaspersky.
  • At 7 p.m. at The Exchanges Meetup, Dmitriy will present HackenAI, the new solution for crypto assets cyber protection.

On November 16, Dmitriy will meet with private investors interested in HackenAI.

Dmitriy will also participate in the Blockshow’s startup pitching competition with HackenAI. Only startups that have been carefully selected via the Blockshow’s YouTube live show series out of hundreds of requests will have the opportunity to pitch their products to the jury board of leading international funds to get their support. The departure date will be Sunday, November 17.

About HackenAI

HackenAI is an all inclusive solution for cyber-security protection.The platform is entirely powered by the HAI token. HAI is a VIP180 token that is minted on the VeChainThor Blockchain. It’s an extension of the old HKN token and is a utility token used to fuel all activities performed within the HackenAI Platform. Protection for users is driven by carefully thought out tokenomics to ensure proper cyber security for all users, being integrated directly into the services offered by the HackenAI platform.

To learn more about HackenAI please check our recently launched websiteand whitepaper.

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