Hacken Weekly Review: 28 March — 1 April 2022

The week following Avalanche Summit was focused on operational processes. At the same time, our CBDO Yevheniia participated in 2 important events devoted to blockchain cybersecurity during which she could communicate to the audience the importance of Web 3.0 cybersecurity. We are also so proud that our activities related to defending Ukraine got coverage by the leading crypto media CoinDesk. Our guys from disBalancer are our heroes. Thousands of users are running the app to kill russian propaganda. The road to 100K active users may be even faster than expected.

Let’s summarize 28 Match — 1 April in the lifе of Hacken:

  • Our CBDO and HackenProof CEO Yevheniia Broshevan participated at the Embr podcast during which she was sharing valuable and practical insights into how to run a blockchain-powered project. More than 200 individuals have already viewed this podcast. Viewers are looking forward to watching podcasts with Jane in the future. Have you already watched it? Do it ASAP!
  • Jane also attended Above&Beyond Hangouts during which she participated in the discussion about the relationships between cybersecurity and hacking. The focus was on discussing the future of Web 3.0 cybersecurity in the new reality and the role of ethical hacking and innovations in building a safe digital world.
  • The most influential crypto media CoinDesk published a detailed article about the role of Hacken and our projects in the cyberwar between Ukraine and russia. The media admitted the importance of the cyber component in stopping russia. Great thanks to CoinDesk and the global blockchain community for your support for Ukraine. Have you read this article? Share your feedback on Hacken Discord.
  • The opinion of our CEO Dyma Budorin on the future of cybersecurity was published on BeInCrypto. Dyma describes the state of cybersecurity development and mentions that the cyberwar will significantly accelerate growth in this sector. Cybersecurity will become the digital health for every reputable company.
  • Hacken Token (HAI) will be soon available on StrikeX wallet, the app allowing users to store, exchange, and track StrikeX, along with all your favorite crypto projects, effortlessly. StrikeX is uniting more than 20K users, it is a new opportunity for HAI.
  • Our cyber army is rapidly growing. The attacks are becoming more powerful thanks to greater technical capacity. Now we can crash very solid targets such as https://oborona.ru and https://rusvesna.su. More than 40 big targets were downed last week. You can make this death list much bigger by buying a DDOS token. Your investments will be used to procure additional servers for the attacks. Looking forward to crashing at least 100 targets per week. Join disBalancer and run the app. And motivate your friends, colleagues, and relatives to run the app. The bigger our army, the faster we can stop russian propaganda and the greater damage to russia we can do.

If you are a HAI holders, don’t forget that you can farm DDOS tokens either in HackenAI app or through LP Farming on PancakeSwap. Find more information about DDOS Farming in this article.

The next week will be devoted to further dissemination of information about disBalancer and CER 2.0 big release (just 6 days left). The new rating of top 1500 crypto platforms will include only objective criteria (audits, bug bounty programs, insurance).

Why does the new rating matter? Just look at the alarming facts from CER 2.0. We need to force projects to pay greater attention to security. The new rating will allow users to interact only with secure projects.

BTW: don’t miss future Hacken events. Just view a short video about our recent meetup during Avalanche Summit — DeFi Safe Space by Hacken & Insurace.io. Friendly atmosphere, tasty drinks & snacks, free of noise, and many more.

Our team heavily relies on your support. Help us spread the world about our initiatives. Together we will build a safer digital future.

Have a productive week!

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