Hacken Weekly Review: 4–8 April 2022

3 min readApr 12, 2022


Last week there were several important updates for Hacken. We got a new strategic membership and announced the major update of our Reddit. Like the whole crypto industry, we were looking forward to seeing the new big rating of cryptocurrencies by CER.live. Also, we were actively preparing for the Paris Blockchain Week Summit.

Let’s briefly summarize 4–8 April in the life of Hacken:

  • Hacken became a member of the International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications (INATBA). This organization promotes cooperation between private and public sectors to foster mass adoption of blockchain technologies. Great pleasure to appear among 170 reputable members of this organization including Algorand, Coinbase, Cardano Foundation, Vechain, Dash, etc. This membership will also allow us to be at the forefront of global blockchain transformations.
  • Hacken was included in the new reward program introduced by Hummingbot. The participants of the liquidity mining campaign will have a chance to get attractive rewards.
  • We updated our Reddit. There we will publish exclusive Web 3.0 cybersecurity content such as recent industry updates, infographics, researches, etc. You can also share your ideas on Web 3.0 cybersecurity as well as suggest on how to develop proposals shared by other users. r/Hacken will also act as a cybersecurity education platform. Join our Reddit to know about everything that is going on in the Web 3.0 cybersecurity industry.
  • Our article “AirDrops and giveaways: what can be the true cost of these gifts?” was published by PaidNetwork on its Medium. This article describes the risks associated with airdrops, especially randomly dropped coins. What to do with “unwanted coins”? Find the answer in the article.
  • We hosted the AMA session with Harsh Bothra @harshbothra_, Sr.AppSec Consultant, Cobalt Core Lead & Pentester. Harsh shared valuable insights into application security. How to run pen tests and bug bounty programs to leave vulnerabilities no chance to remain undetected? How to become a legendary bug bounty hacker? Play AMA recording and find the answers.

The guys from disBalancer were making Liberator a more powerful weapon. They introduced a special NFT medal that will be given after the victory of Ukraine to everyone who buys 1,000 DDOS tokens and holds them until the victory of Ukraine. It is one more reason why everyone who really supports Ukraine should run Liberator. Join disBalancer! Remember, that you can make your DDOS tokens work for your additional income by participating in HAI/DDOS LP Farming.

We are sure that this week will be full of industry reviews and comments regarding the big release by CER. The state of crypto security is far from the ideal scenario and we need to change this pattern.

Also, we invite you to visit our DeFi Retreat Space on 13–14 April in Paris. There you will find a comfortable space for coworking, business meetings, conversations, and relaxation. Food and drinks for free, you just need to register. And also find our DeFi Retreat group on Telegram. How do our DeFi Retreat spaces look like? View in this video.

Thank you for being with Hacken! Have a great week!

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