HackenAI 1.1 released — Introducing Membership Coupons and Rewards System

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We are pleased to announce the release of HackenAI 1.1 that introduces various new features and bug fixes to the HackenAI Application.

HackenAI Staking Levels Now Known As Hacken Club Membership

In this version, we have rebranded our staking levels to Hacken Club Membership levels.

Hacken Club will be an exclusive membership to join our Hacken ecosystem of products and services. Hacken Club will be the world’s first unified cybersecurity community connecting our Hacken services (such as CER.live, HackenProof, HackenAI and more).

Moving forward, Hacken Club will be a unified community of all Hacken communities, and we are excited to reveal more details about this very soon.

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Club Memberships range from Beginner, Enhanced, Ultimate, Associate and Partner levels.

The highest Club Membership level of Associate and Partner Club Memberships are targeted at businesses and the most loyal community members that want to make use of our Hacken B2B services and get the most out of the Hacken Club.

Becoming an Associate or Partner within the Hacken Club will also allow business cooperation opportunities to reward our user-base. Furthermore, Associate and Partner level members will gain access to the top-level reward ratio for our brand new Hacken Coupons referral system!

For community members that want to benefit from higher rewards, we strongly recommend you to join our Associate and Partner level membership.

Expect more information very soon about Hacken Club!

Hacken Club Membership Coupons

In our whitepaper and articles, we have talked about the goal of uniting the community and giving rewards to the most dedicated community members. We believe that the more dedicated you are, the more rewards you should obtain.

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Today, we introduce a major feature added in HackenAI 1.1 — the Hacken Coupon system.

Existing users will be able to monetize their HackenAI promotion activity by sharing Coupons that give both the user as well as the person using the Coupon a reward.

Coupons can be generated from within the App, after which you can share them with your friends and family.

When a referred user purchases a Hacken Club membership, both the referrer and referred user will get rewarded with HAI tokens! The HAI tokens to be rewarded will depend on your Hacken Club membership level.

The more friends and family you refer, the more HAI rewards you will get!

How it works:

  1. You can generate a Coupon directly in the HackenAI App. Based on your membership level, the Coupon reward will be between 5% and 25%.
  2. The Coupon rewards the recipient in the form of HAI tokens.
  3. Each Coupon gives you and your friend a reward in the form of the HAI tokens.
  4. When you generate a coupon you can select the distribution of the bonus between you and your coupon redeemer.
  5. The reward is credited immediately after the user completes a Hacken Club Membership purchase.
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You have an Associate Hacken Club Membership, which gives your Coupons a 20% reward. You decide that 50% of this reward will be distributed to you, and 50% will be given to your friend.

You send the Coupon to your friend Mike, and he buys an Enhanced Hacken Club Membership worth $250, or 25000 HAI.

Immediately after the purchase, Mike gets 10%, meaning, 2500 HAI back as a reward, and next to that, you also receive 2500 HAI for onboarding your friend Mike!

Aside from $HAI rewards from club membership purchases, we are planning a lot more rewards, prizes and incentives for referrals. Please stay tuned for more info and start referring your friends and family to download HackenAI and join the Hacken Club!

CoinGecko Integration for HackenAI

From now on there is no need to visit an exchange or any other resource to know how much the coins stored in your HackenAI wallet are worth.

By working together with CoinGecko you can always view the real-time USD value of all your coins straight from the HackenAI app!

Still don’t have HackenAI App?

Download it now: http://in.hacken.ai/MPZf

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