HackenAI Closed Beta Pre-launch Community Update

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Almost half a year has passed since the announcement of our partnership with VeChain and the start of the new product HackenAI and since then, a lot of work has been done. From the concept design and idea validation, to the almost developed MVP and community around it. The MVP of the App that includes a free Password Manager, CyberBootCamp — interactive cyber security modules, Digital Wallet and new feature DarkNetMonitoring will be released in about one month. The exact dates depend on the App Stores listing process. Both Google Play and the Apple App Store’s review process times vary.

DarkNetMonitoring is an identity theft prevention product that enables you to monitor your identity information on the dark web and receive notifications if your information is found online.

In two weeks, we will start the HackenAI Closed Beta Test for 100 experienced testers consisting of Hacken and VeChain fans and community members who have already registered on our website. We received over 300 applications from our community which indicates a great interest in our project. 100 Beta testers will be announced by the end of this week.

Latest updates on the HKN Token on KuCoin exchange

As a result of our rebranding and token migration to the VeChainThor blockchain, we have decided to pursue new listings as well as potential IEOs that are upcoming. We understand the community’s concerns regarding the ERC20 HKN token, particularly on existing exchanges such as KuCoin.

We have been keeping close contact with existing exchanges such as KuCoin. In particular with regards to KuCoin, we have mutually agreed to delist the old HKN token from KuCoin and stop trading on March 12th. Full details will be announced when it is ready.

ERC20 HKN Holders are not required to withdraw their tokens from KuCoin

KuCoin will continue to support the wallet withdrawals of ERC20 HKN until further notice. When the HackenAI mobile app is released, ERC20 HKN holders with tokens on KuCoin can be swapped to the new VeChainThor HAI token by sending their HKN from KuCoin to the mobile app. Full details will be announced when it is ready.

Towards the launch of HackenAI Closed Beta and HAI token IEO

With trading scheduled to be stopped on KuCoin, it also means that there are almost three weeks left to buy HNK tokens to make a token swap on more favorable terms. As mentioned previously, HKN tokens will be swapped to HAI tokens when the HackenAI mobile app is released.

We would also like to remind our users of our previously announced token swap bonus for community members who agree to lock their HKN tokens and choose to receive their HAI based on our lock schedule as detailed below:

Note: All HKN locked in the app will be considered as eligible for HAI staking rewards when it launches as per chosen lock duration and the final amount of HAI tokens to be received.

We are trying to make everything as user-friendly as possible. We are focused on the launch of our application and the IEO of the new HAI token. The details of IEO are coming within the next 2 weeks. A lot of other exciting things including new stacking utilities and features explanation are coming soon. Stay tuned!

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