HackenAI Update: LP Farming Integration

2 min readAug 30, 2022


HackenAI 2.1.8 is up and running. It’s been four months since the last update of our app, so we had plenty of time to prepare long-awaited goodies.

We added a new feature — LP Farming

LP Farming provides liquidity for trading pairs with HAI for as high as 50% APY

Key improvements for HAI holders interested in farming:

  1. Convenient Liquidity Farming inside HackenAI

Previously, you had to do everything manually: add liquidity to Pancakeswap in exchange for LP tokens and go to the HackenFoundation website to stake these tokens. Now everything is inside the app. We have reduced all these painful steps to just a few clicks in HackenAI Wallet. Easy and simple.

2. Higher liquidity = higher earnings

APY in LP Farming is much more pleasant, especially if you don’t have a lvl3 Membership.

  • HAPI: 12.5% ​​for regular farming without a membership, while 44.5% APY for HAPI-HAI LP Farming
  • 1ART: 10.5% for regular farming without a membership, while 49.5% APY for 1ART-HAI LP Farming
  • UFI: 5% for regular farming without a membership, while 28% APY for UFI-HAI LP Farming

Be sure to update your HackenAI app (App Store / Google Play) to try out all new features, and please let us share your feedback in Discord.




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