HackenProof is 1 month old!

Read our first report on the activity of Hacken’s bug bounty

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On March 31, slightly more than a month ago, we have launched the alpha version of HackenProof.

Hacken’s bug bounty platform is powered by a worldwide community of white hat hackers who hunt down bugs and vulnerabilities in the apps, systems, and architectures of our clients. We’ve been working diligently on our flagship product HackenProof since ICO, and today we want to share a report of its first month in operation!


HackenProof is about people and technologies. Who constitutes the team of Hackenproof now?

  • Platform developers
  • Triage specialists
  • Program managers
  • A constantly growing community of white hat hackers

We are on a continual search for new researchers and bug hunters! If you like the idea of being paid to hack, or dig the programs’ codes, feel free to join the community of white hat hackers!

We are working each day to advance the platform in all possible vectors, so it is user-friendly for both clients and researchers.

What was set up in April?

  • Public vulnerability disclosure feature
  • Flexible automated payouts

What is planned for May?

  • Additional metrics and extended analytics for clients
  • Adjustable disclosure policy
  • Simplified researcher workflow
  • Researcher leaderboard
  • Overall activity module
  • GDPR compliance features
  • Customers

Hacken’s business development team is working around the clock to grow our client base. We service organizations from both blockchain and conventional IT industries.

At the moment, we have more than 5 clients that are either actively negotiating deals or are currently undergoing private HackenProof bug bounty. As soon as our clients give us the go-ahead, we will announce their names.

In April, we visited conferences and summits in China, Japan, the UAE, and the USA. Expanding our presence in Asian and European markets is a high priority of ours.

At Hacken, we are dedicated to making both the internet and the cryptoverse a safer, more worry-free experience.

Want to join other pro bug hunters in our official Hacken Researchers Telegram group? https://t.me/hacken_researchers

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