HAI Airdrop on CoinMarketCap: 1000 Winners Selected

Hacken team would like to share the amazing results of the HAI Airdrop campaign on CoinMarketCap. The main goal of this campaign has been the popularization of the application developed by our specialists — hVPN, the easy to use functional VPN service for crypto enthusiasts and common users trusted by white hat hackers. We can say for sure that this airdrop has been highly awaited by the global crypto community. 48385 individuals have sent their contact details via the HAI airdrop participation form between 28 June and 5 July and 1000 winners have been randomly selected among the participants who have provided full and correct contact info in the participation form.


Please, view the full list of winners at: https://bit.ly/3dO8hUy

Check whether you are one of the lucky guys.

And we remind our winners that HAI will be distributed to your HackenAI app wallet address within 7 business days. But very likely that you will get your rewards earlier.

We thank everybody for your participation in this campaign. Together we have carried out an excellent promotion of the hVPN service that will protect crypto enthusiasts online. This HAI airdrop campaign has made the world closer to becoming a safe place.

Important information for the participants who have not become a winner!

Don’t worry! You will soon have many chances to win even greater prizes! Our team has already started working on developing new promotion campaigns. Be ready for participation! We strongly value your active position!

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