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In recent weeks, we have seen an imbalance in the market between the ERC-20 HAI and VIP-180 HAI rates. Besides, we are aware of the desire of many HAI users to use tokens on exchanges and in applications. For these reasons, we are announcing the ERC-20 to VIP-180 Bridge!

How to participate in the bridge?

  1. Send ERC-20 tokens to the address used for HKN SWAP in the application. To do this, open your HackenAI Wallet and choose the section Token Swap. Please do not send ERC-20 tokens to the regular HAI VIP-180 address.
  2. After the transaction is complete, send information containing the tokens amount and the address to which you sent them to support: support@hacken.ai.
  3. VIP-180 tokens will be sent in packages one time a week to the addresses in the HackenAI application.

ERC-20 to VIP-180 Bridge will be available to every user with the HackenAI app. If you have additional questions, please contact the support team or admins in Telegram Community Chat.

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