HAI Farming explained. Let your HAI tokens bring you additional income

HAI token is a functional investment instrument, and Hacken provides many opportunities to HAI holders to double your income. One of them is farming and we want to remind you once more about this feature.

There are 2 HAI farming options (both allow you to farm DDOS, HAPI, UFI, and 1ART) available for HAI holders: Traditional Farming in the HackenAI app and LP Farming. Detailed information about each of these options and instructions are provided below.

HAI Farming in HackenAI

Imagine the situation: you own 1,000 HAI tokens and expect that the price of our token will double within X months. You don’t do anything during this period. But we know that crypto is a type of financial instrument like money that needs to work permanently. Hacken gives HAI holders the opportunity to earn additional income through HAI farming in HackenAI.

You just need to stake HAI in the farming section of the app. You will get income on your stake in the tokens of Hacken Foundation projects. It is a risk-free investment that also acts as a hedging strategy. If farming brings you 20% income, then even when the price of HAI declines by 10%, you still make a good profit.

HAI farming in HackenAI is available only on VeChain (you can transfer HAI between networks using Bridge in HackenAI). You can claim farmed tokens on-demand and withdraw your assets whenever you want (claimed tokens are available either on ETH or BSC networks, thus, you need to have either some ETH or BNB tokens to claim). The information on how many tokens are available for claiming can be found on the Hacken Foundation website in the “Projects” section.

Hacken Club membership allows you to get even greater farming income through boosters. The higher the level of your membership, the greater the booster:

  • Level 1: 1,05X
  • Level 2: 1,2X
  • Level 3: 2X

HAI LP Farming

For LP Farming, apart from owning HAI tokens, you need to own tokens of Hacken Foundation projects (at least one of them). LP Farming offers users a higher income compared to traditional farming.

To participate in HAI Farming you just need to add liquidity on PancakeSwap to one of these 4 pairs: DDOS/HAI, UFI/HAI, HAPI/HAI, and 1ART/HAI.

You can participate in HAI LP Farming on the Hacken Foundation website. Firstly you need to get an LP token and then you can stake it to participate in LP farming.

Also, you need to import your HackenAI wallet to MetaMask using the private key. Then you can connect this wallet to PancakeSwap.

Cybersecurity is becoming digital healthcare. Modern Cyberwar will accelerate the growth of this industry. Now is a great time for you to invest in cybersecurity token HAI and make additional profits through farming. Our team has ambitious goals for 2022 and the war has not disrupted our operations. On the contrary, the war has acted as an additional motivating factor for us. We are focused on leading the market.

For more information about Hacken and our recent news/updates, please refer to these channels:

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Hacken Foundation Website

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