HAI Round for Weld: Official Start on 20 September!

We have recently announced the partnership with Weld, the project that is bridging traditional finances and the crypto world. And one of the main elements of the partnership framework will be the HAI Round for Weld. Hacken community members will be able to get Weld tokens during this HAI Round. The total market cap for this event is 555,556 HAI.

Why should you invest in Weld token?

In the world of crypto, a token is the representation of the project’s performance and competitiveness in the market. The Weld team is making revolutionary changes in the Eastern European market by promoting the mass adoption of crypto in this region. Weld is going to enable users to pay for goods and services priced in fiat using the crypto assets in a real-time manner without any additional fees. Thereby, the project is going to make crypto an easy-to-use investment and payment instrument for common users. And the fact that Weld has already started working with reputable exchanges such as Huobi, FTX, and others covering more than 70% of the crypto world just confirms the fact that the project’s vision is achievable.

The project is operating in a legal environment and the backend of its payment system has already obtained certification. Unlike many other projects functioning in the crypto world that do not even consider the possibility to operate in a regulated environment, Weld prioritizes obtaining licenses (crypto, lender) and cooperating with licensed banking institutions. The project is also going to apply for registration in the EU that is also the confirmation of Weld’s reliability for investors.

And, of course, one of the main factors for investors to consider before investing in a particular token is the team behind the project. Weld has united leading fintech specialists with an experience of work in the CIS region and the EU. Each specialist working in Weld is a reputable professional interested in preserving his/her strong image in the market. That is why our community members may feel fully confident in the security of their assets. Weld is one of the most professional teams Hacken has ever worked with.

HAI Round Details

  • HAI Round Allocation: 50,000 USD
  • HAI Round Price: 0.075 USD
  • WELD Tokens Allocation: 666,667 WELD
  • WELD Price: 1 HAI = 1.2 WELD
  • Vesting: 20% unlock at TGE, 20% monthly unlock
  • HAI Round Hard Cap: 555,556 HAI
  • Network: Binance Smart Chain
  • Distribution: Airdrop
  • Distribution time: Wednesday, Sep 22, 2021



Round is Starting on Monday, Sep 20, 2021, 3pm UTC! Don’t miss this time!

Round duration: up to 48 hours.

IDO Date: Wednesday, Sep 22, 2021

Hard Cap: 555,556 HAI

  • You must send HAI (only the VeChain HAI tokens are allowed) only from HackenAI Wallet

If you need to transfer tokens to VET, please use the following service https://hackenfoundation.com/bridge/

  • You need to be a Hacken Club Member (Level 1 — Level 3)
  • Minimum amount is 1,000 HAI per 1 VeChain HackenAI address
  • Maximum amount is:

1) 1,000 HAI per 1 VeChain HackenAI address for Level 1 Hacken Club Members

2) 2,500 HAI per 1 VeChain HackenAI address for Level 2 Hacken Club Members

3) 5,000 HAI per 1 VeChain HackenAI address for Level 3 Hacken Club Members

  • When Hard Cap is Reached, Tokens will no longer be accepted

Take into account:

  • If you send more than the Maximum Amount specified for your Hacken Club Membership level, tokens will be returned and allocation will not be counted.
  • If you are not a Hacken Club Member, allocation will not be counted.
  • If you send HAI after the Hard Cap is reached, it will be returned to your address 24 hours after the sale. Allocation will not be counted.

Token Sale address will be provided on the official Hacken Foundation website at the day of the sale!

About Weld

Weld — All digital assets payment provider!

Weld issues VISA / Mastercard cards that are directly plugged into your crypto wallet on any exchange. You go and pay through Apple/Google Pay in any store or on the Internet, bank debits fiat overdraft, and the crypto seamlessly goes from your account to Weld on the same exchange. There is no blockchain transaction fee, no need to top-up the card in advance. Weld Money is the first crypto card service that managed to negotiate with banks and regulators and can provide services in the CIS region.

The issue of utility tokens is limited to 250 million, a buyback system is provided when 10% of the company’s profit from processing is directed to the buyback of tokens. This deflationary model of WELD token is taken from the success of BNB. In addition, the token is required for users to purchase premium cards, increase monthly limits, and reduce transaction fees via token staking.

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