HAI to be listed at EXMO and more updates

Hacken has never felt so strong in our 3 years history. And we want to share our recent achievements and plans ahead with a Friday mood.

In this article you can read about the results of the Exmo listing vote, updates on new business development opportunities and more.

HAI listing at EXMO

Yes, we did it!

With 8853 votes for HAI compared to 4528 votes for 4ART we have won the popularity vote. Hacken Token will be listed at the biggest and most popular Easter European cryptocurrency exchange Exmo! We are truly humbled by the support and votes we have received from our community, we couldn’t have done this without you guys!

Millions of new traders will have access to start trading HAI. More details on the HAI listing at Exmo will follow soon.

Hacken business development updates

We can clearly see now that our partnership with Coingecko has resulted in more exposure for Hacken and our products. In the last 2 months we have set up a relationship with almost every exchange from the top100 by Coingecko. Multiplied by DeFi hype giving us additional new business opportunities, creates quite a busy working routine, but we love it!

We are happy to see this increase in request, but we would like again to underline that using our services is not mandatory. Audits performed by any respected cybersecurity company can be submitted to the CER ranking team and are valid to increase your rankings on CER.live.

Industry News Digest

Crypto industry cybersecurity awareness has significantly grown lately. Coingecko’s new methodology TrustScore and millions of dollars lost due to weak smart contracts in the DeFi scene have once again shown the importance of the crypto cybersecurity industry.

To support raising awareness we will create a weekly overview of everything that happened in the world of cybersecurity. Our first edition is out now on the Hacken Research blog.


Cryptocurrency exchange video review: Bilaxy

One of our goals has always been to educate the community about the risk of using cryptocurrency exchanges that don’t take their cybersecurity seriously.

To help achieve this we will start sharing video’s in which we review various exchanges in terms of cybersecurity using our own methodology.

We are proud to announce our first review of the exchange Bilaxy.com. Is it safe to trade on Bilaxy? Find out by watching the video below!


Let us know what you think about the video, we love to hear your opinion!

Next week big announcement

What is that countdown related to? That’s the question every Hacken Club member is keep asking. New exchange? New partnership? New product? DeFI involvement?

Well. The only thing we can say now is that all our work is built around creating value to our main stakeholder HAI holders.

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