HAI Uniswap Bridge Announcement

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Following our listing announcement at Uniswap, we are now excited to announce that on the 11th of September the first Uniswap bridge will take place.

Using this bridge, level 4 Hacken Club Members get a chance to convert their VIP-180 HAI to ERC-20 HAI, after which they can send it to the HAI Uniswap Pool.

The bridge will be open only for 4 hours from 15:00 UTC — 19:00 UTC 11th September. All HAI that has or will be sent to the bridge outside of the 4 hours window,will be returned to the senders within 24 hours.

How to use the bridge

  1. Open hackenai app
  2. Go to the Wallet
  3. Click on Uniswap button
  4. Enter Ethereum wallet address
  5. Select HAI amount you want to convert
  6. Send transaction
  7. After you have received your ethereum based hai follow this guide to add liquidity to the uniswap pool

Bridge restrictions

We want to underline once again that only level 4 Hacken Club Members will be able to use the first bridge, for anyone else trying to send their HAI to the bridge, it will fail. The bridge will open to other Hacken Club members in the coming weeks according to the following schedule, but will always remain exclusively available to Hacken Club Members.

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Tip: Find out more about Hacken Club Membership and its benefits

Only HAI bridged to the Ethereum blockchain can be sent to Uniswap, if you send HAI using the VeChain blockchain to Uniswap you risk losing your HAI!

Right now it is only possible to convert VeChain based HAI to Ethereum based HAI, converting Ethereum based HAI back to VeChain based HAI will be made possible in the future.

Amount of HAI that can be swapped during the first bridge

As explained in our original announcement, only a limited amount of HAI can be bridged to the Ethereum blockchain. With current HAI/USDT rate at Uniswap it reaches max limit of 3% from circulation supply. Please see the calculations:

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Important note: The bridge window will be open only for 4 hours from 15:00 UTC — 19:00 UTC 11th September 2020. All HAI that were sent to bridge wallet not within 4 hours window, would be returned to senders within 24 hours.

VechainThor will always remain the main blockchain for the HAI token. The VeChain based HAI token, being traded at OceanEx, Bitrue & Bitmart, is the one being used as an utility token in the Hacken ecosystem. By providing the bridge to Uniswap we can add stability and liquidity to support the Hacken token.

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