HAI/USDT on KuCoin: Enjoy Automated 24/7 Trading

Hacken Token has recently become available to traders on the KuCoin exchange. And now traders can enjoy additional functionality in HAI/USDT pair by using KuCoin Trading Bot to make passive income.

How to Get Started in 3 Clicks?

  1. Download the KuCoin App and click on the “Trading Bot” icon;
  2. Click on “Classic Grid” and choose whether to customize or accept the AI parameters. When accepting AI parameters, you just need to enter the investment amount. When setting customized parameters, please make sure that you have considered historical trends when predicting the maximum and minimum prices.
  3. View all details regarding your grid trading by clicking “Trading Bot” and then “Running”. To view your total profits as well as historical profits click on “Profits”.

Please be informed that although trading bots allow you to get a higher income, this trading option also involves risks. Thus, make your trading decisions rationally to fully enjoy the benefits associated with automated trading. Hacken strives to see HAI as one of the most convenient trading instruments to benefit our community.

It is one more step for Hacken towards achieving our strategic vision! We continue delivering on the promises given in our Strategic Spring 2021 Plan.

Goal N4 — DONE!

Additional liquidity via the launch of a trading bots campaign in a new exchange has been brought!

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