HAPI Success as the First Step to Hacken Foundation!

Hacken has become a reliable partner for the community. We have fulfilled all the commitments given in 2020. Today we would like to tell you about the important news and updates.

We have successfully closed the HAPI token sale for HAI

During the first round of HAPI Token Sale, the hard cap of 8,400,000 HAI was closed in 15 minutes. A total of 22,933,149 HAI was raised. It’s an enormous success for the Hacken Community. As it’s mentioned in the HAPI tokenimics, 50% of 8,400,000 HAI tokens collected during the sale will be burned immediately while the rest will be locked up for two years. Oversubscribed HAI will be returned to HAI holders proportionally on 19 February.

Introduction to Hacken Foundation

Hacken Foundation is going to launch its first project called HAPI. The project announced itself in an unusual way by hacking the First Grey Hat Hackers Ideas Competition.

The Hacken Foundation prioritizes the empowerment of innovative cybersecurity products through the HAI token utility. We are strongly focused on launching new successful projects. HAI token will constitute a driving force of the whole ecosystem.

We are also pleased to mention that a number of institutional investors were present at the Private Round. All details related to this round will be announced later.

The Hacken Foundation is a great platform for crypto funds and private investors to join top cybersecurity products at the very beginning! Any institutional investor can become a Hacken Foundation Partner by filling the application on our official website.

Joining the Hacken Foundation to get exclusive access to the most innovative cybersecurity projects.

“Road to 1 Billion Presentation” on 3 March

The huge updates are coming! Hacken CEO Dyma Budorin will present the Hacken Ecosystem’s strategic vision in the live streaming on Hacken’s official youtube channel on 3 March.

During the presentation, you will get exclusive information about the upcoming updates, including:

  • Hacken Membership Migration and New Boosters For Hacken Club Members
  • Hacken Ecosystem and Upcoming Products
  • Hacken Foundation and Staking Platform for Farming New Token with HAI
  • Strategic Road to 1 Billion plan!

The presentation will take place on 3 March 2021 at 2 PM (UTC) on the Hacken Youtube channel.

Join the Hacken official youtube channel to see our Livestream!

Follow us on our social channels:

Hacken Club Twitter: https://twitter.com/hackenclub

Hacken Club Telegram: https://t.me/hackenclub

Hacken Club Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/hacken/

Hacken Club Telegram Ru: https://t.me/hackenclub_ru

Hacken website: https://hacken.io/



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