hVPN Update: How Will Subscription to App Benefit You?

Since the start of cyber warfare in late February, Hacken has become a trusted cybersecurity provider for the experience of safe use of the Internet by thousands of people. For now, 30,000 people all over the world use hVPN for free! We are thrilled to realize so many highly aware people care about their privacy by relying on us.

This is just the beginning, no doubt. And here is some insider info about why: by the end of 2022, we will implement a few utility products in the HAI Ecosystem. The first is in line to launch — hVPN, a security tool for safe Web 3.0 expansion.

What Is New Coming to hVPN?

After 4 weeks, on October 19, hVPN will be accessible to you with a monthly subscription plan at a fair price.

To use hVPN, you have to make a subscription through the App Store or Google Play. After that, you will receive 100% cash back in HAI. Basically, you will use hVPN for free by purchasing HAI each month. HAI you will get within your subscription plan each month can be withdrawn to your HackenAI wallet at any time.

Even though you are still out of crypto, our recommendation is to experience 100% cash back, which is definitely a good deal.

NB! The convenience of hVPN remains the same. Keep on enjoying a secure connection between you and the Internet with hVPN.

During subsequent updates, hVPN will be free for all Hacken Club Members.

Stay tuned for further hVPN updates. More information will follow.

Still haven’t used hVPN? Get the app for free in the Apple Store or Play Market until October 19.

The app is available for installation on your mobile device and computer at the hVPN website.

What is hVPN?

hVPN by Hacken is what you need for a secure, fast & private internet connection.

Online Security Starts with a Click

Just open the App and set up a secure connection with a click. hVPN will do everything for you! Just click to keep your online activity really private.

Speed and Reliability

If you’re planning to use your VPN for operations that require a lot of data or activity, you’ll want to choose an optimal service, in terms of speed and reliability. hVPN provides unlimited connections and bandwidth as well as high download and upload speeds.

Safe Access to Websites and Apps

hVPN secures your online traffic with advanced encryption. Thus, your sensitive data is safe when you browse on any network.

Stay Safe on Public WiFi

Protect your sensitive data from leakage or theft. They can’t get you around under a private VPN connection provided by hVPN!

No Activity Logs — Ultra-Security

Many VPN services that are available for free track your activities such as the websites and pages you visit, files you download, etc. hVPN PROVIDES NO LOGS POLICY. STAY PRIVATE!

Protect Your IP Address

With hVPN, you can switch your IP address in a blink.



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